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 Post subject: Sunny's Daughters
PostPosted: July 13th, 2018, 7:01 pm 

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600 AI

Willow’s mother had been screaming for hours.

She cried while she waited, no matter how much Ila told her that this was normal, and that she had nothing to worry about. It was scary.

Willow was four years old, and very brave; her mother told her so all the time. But she’d never heard her mother screaming before, and that was more frightening than anything else she’d ever seen.

After the screaming stopped, Ila promised again that Mama was fine, but Willow didn’t quite believe it until she was led upstairs and got to see her.

Mama looked more tired than Willow had ever seen her, and she held a tiny baby in a little bundle in her arms. The baby had darker skin than either of them, and tiny tufts of black hair. “Her name is Laurel,” Mama said. “You’re her big sister, so you have to take care of her.”

Willow knew that she would.

604 AI

She found a frog in the mud, and held it out for Ila to see. Ila sighed and rolled her eyes, and Laurel screamed and hid behind her skirts. Laurel hated mud and bugs and cried at almost everything. It was a little bit frustrating, especially since they barely got to leave the tower.

“It’s alright Laurel,” she said. “It’s just a frog, you can touch it.”

Laurel shook her head and hid further behind Ila’s skirts.

Willow couldn’t wait for when baby Rose was old enough to take with her—Rose didn’t cry at anything.


606 AI

Rose shoved the butterfly in her mouth.

“No, Rosey, you can’t eat it, it’s a bug!” Willow exclaimed, and grabbed her sister’s jaw. Rose only swallowed and grinned at her. Willow sighed. Rose had mud all through her red curls, and her dress was stained beyond all hope. Laurel was sitting on the riverbank, practicing her letters with Ila.

Rose was much more fun.

610 AI

There was only one room in the tower with windows, and it was too high up to properly see anybody. Willow had decided that she was going into town. She needed to see it.

Mama hadn’t let them go into town in years. She said it was too big, that there were too many people, too much danger. Willow didn’t think that was true. And she was going to see it.

So she dressed in her plainest day dress and put her brown curls in a simple braid, and snuck past the guards and the maids as she’d been practicing for several days now, carefully making her way over the bridge to town.

616 AI

Violet had locked herself in her tower, Rose was out in the training yard with the guards, and Willow was somewhere upstairs arguing with Mama again. That left Laurel to discuss trade today, which was fine, because she was very good at it.

Queen Sameria had a very bad habit of flirting with everybody, but she was friendly. Mama said the Queens of Dawnstar had always felt guilty about what happened to Old Delaena.

But Laurel was good at talking with other nobles and mayors as well. She conducted trade for wood and lapis lazuli and coal and wool, and always got very good deals for them. She was much more diplomatic than Mama.

617 AI

Willow had to prove to Mother that she was responsible. Mother thought she was reckless and wild and likely to get herself killed—the thought of which often sent Mother into brief hysterics.

She wasn’t. She just wanted to live a bit. She paid attention to the things that Mother taught her, she worked with the builders to design better town walls and talked to the farmers about their harvests and the merchants about their trades. But she couldn’t stay locked in this tower like Laurel could—she had to get out.

But she understood now, why Mother was so protective. She just didn’t want to lose them.

618 AI

Maren knocked her to the ground. Rose scowled and got back to her feet. She could taste blood in her mouth—she’d bit her cheek—but she didn’t really care. She couldn’t let Maren best her three times in a row. Mother would be angry when she came back so covered in cuts and bruises—she always was. But she kept her promise about not straying outside the training yard.

“It’s okay to yield,” he told her.

“Not in a real fight,” she replied.

Maren smiled at her, and they started sparring again.


619 AI

Violet had been sneaking down to the docks since she was twelve, looking for exotic ingredients and watching exotic people.

She’d found what she was looking for, the tear of a demon beast. It’d cost her quite a bit, but it was worth it. She added the last ingredient to the potion and smiled when it bubbled and turned a shimmering pink.

Nobody had any real idea of what she was doing up in her tower. And that was fine. One day she’d show them all the wondrous things she could do.

621 AI

She’d never felt pain like this.

Violet had given her something some hours ago that dulled it, but it was still greater pain than anything she’d ever felt. Rose let her squeeze her fingers and Laurel paced and Mama stroked her hair, and it was the worst day of Willow’s life.

Until she held her own child in her arms, a little baby girl with a few wispy light hairs who cried until she settled in Willow’s arms.

“Juniper,” she decided. Her sisters smiled, and Mother kissed her forehead.







As an out of character notice; I have the links to these artists' pages if anyone is curious.

~Mayor of Delaena

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PostPosted: July 14th, 2018, 12:14 am 
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Ah! having seen the Tower and getting some lore on these characters at last is fantastic! Great job here!

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 Post subject: Re: Sunny's Daughters
PostPosted: July 14th, 2018, 10:01 pm 
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Ooo I love the use of art in lore <3

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