The Imperial Library of The Mercurian Empire

What is The Imperial Library?

The Imperial Library is the collected knowledge and histories of the Mercurian Empire. Within its many pages, you will find information on realms, important persons, historical events, and many other aspects of the empire. All citizens of the empire of the empire are encouraged to contribute.

How to Navigate This Wiki

Shortcuts to various hub pages can be found on the left, as well as in the quick links section below. You can also search for specific pages using the search bar at the top of the page.

How do I Contribute?

You can fill out one of the many pre-made pages or create your own. To create your own page, search for the page name you want, then choose the option to create that page. Many page types like realms and guilds have pre-made templates which you can find on that item's hub page. Once you have created a page, fill it in with the proper information. If you're having trouble creating a page or want help setting up links to and from it, you can message Johanssen on the forums and he can help. See here for more Wiki help.

What Can I Contribute?

You can make a page for your realm, past and present lore characters, languages, guilds, and so on. Make sure to link your pages together so they can be found more easily!

Why do I get a 403 Error While Editing?

The server has built in security to protect against potential attacks, one of the most popular being an SQL-based attack. Because of this, the server has a black list of words that cannot be used as they are commonly used in SQL commands. The black list of words does not contain all SQL keywords (it would be unreasonable to not allow a word like “Share” or “Year”), because of that, the list is not really known. Currently we know that the word “Hav ing” (No space between those two words) does not work. If you find yourself running into a 403 error when you try to save changes on a page, look up the SQL keywords and see if your text contains any of them. The server is just very cautious as we have over 100 people with editing powers and really do not want to deal with a real attack on the system.

How do I login?

Read This: All users from the forums that are at least a vassal have had their user transferred. If you have never logged into the Wiki before, you'll need to set a password, to do so click “Set new password” and follow the instructions. The email associated with your user on the Wiki is the same as on the forums, check that email.