Merchant Organizations

Östrade Warehousing Merchants Guild

Purpose: Import/export shipments, mainly in the Imperial Sea, Khabranthian Sea, and the Southern Valyrian Sea

Realm of Origin: Östlaed


  • Acholm, Östlaed
  • Lynfirth, Östlaed
  • Gourdham, Östlaed
  • Frithengest, Östlaed
  • Merscafen, Östlaed
  • Isenwich, Wychwood
  • Port K'Valsaer, Pyrencia
  • Aestham, Imperial Duchy
  • Secara, Casadia
  • Haile, Kaine
  • Roseaire, Ertia
  • Camellia, Scarlet Territories
  • Aldlyn, New Isilioth
  • Port Aren, Haven

History: Östrade was founded in 496 as the secular alternative to the merchant fleets and warehouses belonging to the Order of Sanct Creopbaina. Although Östrade does not own its own fleets - all services are conducted by privately owned ships - they do own warehouses and rent market stalls throughout the Mercurian Empire. House Accynnafon is estimated to own a 37% controlling stake in Östrade, with various other merchant families owning the rest.

In 541, House Accynnafon purchased the remaining shares in Östrade.

The Gathered Races of Hermertia Homeland Company (GRHH Co.)

Purpose: The GRHH Co. provides capital, resources, and labor to assist in the founding of new settlements in the GRHH. In return, it receives a share of the revenue and goods produced by those settlements. It also possesses a fleet of ships that it uses for trade with realms on the Imperial Sea and beyond.

Realm of Origin: The GRHH


  • Tidewater
  • Caldera
  • Anthi Laguna
  • Greytower
  • Concordia
  • Secara

History: Renamed and repurposed by the First Chairman near the end of the Cycle of the Owl, it started out as a mobile general store in the Gathered camps. It performed a key role in the founding of Tidewater and has been gradually growing ever since. It has shares in most enterprises within the GRHH, forming an integral part of its economy. This affords the Chairman significant economic and political clout.

Rygarde Trading Company

Purpose: import and export of luxury goods between Old and New Hermertia

Realm of Origin: N/A


  • Concordia
  • Imperial City

History: Founded in 401 A.I. in Concordia to take advantage of increased interest in trade between Old and New Hermertia following the mapping of the Corridorlands. The company grew quickly under the direction of its founder Arden Rygarde, often buying out other fledgling competitors. The company opened a branch in the Imperial City in 451 A.I. in order to expand its access to the burgeoning economies of the southeast. Cooperation with Casadian exporters saw a notable increase after the marriage of heiress Helena Rygarde to future Guardian of Casadia Haedren. The company trades primarily in luxury goods, which has made their vessels appealing targets for pirates. In order to deter pirates, a mercenary group was created by Helena and Haedren’s son, Valen, to protect the company’s fleet of trading ships.

Erikosian Apiarists Guild

Purpose: Run the bee farm and any future bee farms in Erikos. Bottle and preserve the rich, unique honey that is only produced in Erikos. Also helps with the export of honey out of Erikos.

Realm of Origin: Erikos


  • City of Thespikia, Erikos - Honey Bottling Plant, Bee Farm

History: The Erikosian Apiarist Guild is very new, being made prior to the first meeting of The Ten of 538 AI, and was immediately assigned the task of running the realms first bee farm. Upon development of the farm, the Guild purchased land from Count Liam Raymond himself to build a bottling plant, funding a small merchant caravan to run the raw honey to the plant, and the bottle honey to the imports/exports office warehouse. Despite it's newness within the lands of the Empire, it has already proven to be successful and is exporting to many realms already.

The Mercenary's Guild

Purpose: Provides certification to mercenary groups operating in and out of the GRHH while helping to connect them with potential customers.

Realm of Origin: The GRHH


  • Petra Nova

History: Established by a council of mercenary company leaders, the Guild originally served as a centralized means for potential customers to find the right company for their task and to force smaller, less reputable companies out of competition. Later, with the assistance of Chairman Dax, the Guild expanded its organizational structure and influence. Soon after, it was sanctioned by the legislature of the GRHH, which granted it exclusive power to legally certify mercenary companies and also placed some regulations on the Guild itself to keep it from becoming a tool to monopolize the mercenary market.

Valen's Company

Approximate size: 80

Founded: 497 AI

Headquarters: Concordia

Description: founded by Haedren’s son, Valen, to guard the vessels of his mother’s shipping fleet. The company is composed of experienced sailors and soldiers from across the empire. Ships under the company’s protection will fly its banner among its flags, warning potential pirates and raiders. The company maintains a sterling reputation, with ships under its protection rarely coming under attack

Iron Guard

Approximate size: 100

Founded: 465 AI

Headquarters: Petra Nova (formerly Concordia)

Description: composed entirely of Orcs, the Iron Guard has a fearsome reputation. They are renowned as savagely effective fighters, often training among Casadians and Slayers before joining the company. The Iron Guard has a long term contract with the GRHH to serve as an integral part of its mercenary army.

Crimson Knights

Approximate size: 150

Founded: 418 AI

Headquarters: Imperial City

Description: consisting entirely of mounted soldiers, the Crimson Knights get their name from the tinted metal of their armor. The Crimson Knights were created out of the need to defend the Imperial City during its early years. Most of the Crimson Knights maintain a long term contract with the government of the Imperial City, but a third of its number are available to be contracted by other interested parties. The Crimson Knights have a positive reputation due to their longstanding relationship with the government of the Imperial City and their lack of involvement in activities that often soil the reputation of mercenaries.

Silver Hand

Approximate size: 30

Founded: Unknown

Headquarters: None

Description: one of the more mysterious mercenary groups. The Silver Hand operates on the fringes of legality, often protecting or engaging in criminal activities. Members of the Silver Hand are contracted individually, making it difficult to gauge the exact size of the organization. It is rumored that they were contracted en masse by the warlord of Ikwe to enforce his rule. There are also rumors that the Silver Hand has been behind a number of assassination attempts.

The Slayers Guild

Approximate size: 500

Founded: 230 AI

Headquarters: Voltau

Description: one of the oldest and largest mercenary organizations in the empire. It operates differently than many other mercenary groups, as it is largely funded by Casadia and directed to defend settlements across the empire from monster attacks. The Guild also trains locals to defend themselves from such attacks; a strategy that was especially popular during the Endermen Crisis when the numbers of the Guild were stretched thin. While often receiving marching orders from their Casadian benefactors, members of the Guild can still be contracted by any who desire their assistance.