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PostPosted: July 19th, 2017, 9:46 pm 
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Esteemed Empress Samyrrah Almandine,

I have confirmed the rumors concerning an undocumented settlement near Etsia. My team and I spent roughly a week exploring the forests, trying to find any evidence of such a village, and we discovered it by almost falling in! The settlement is rather small, comprised of only a few buildings, but built into what can only be described as a crater of some sort. Even stranger, the walls of the village are littered with valuable gems!

Luckily, the inhabitants of this village were not only peaceful and inviting, but speak Mercurian as well (albeit with a heavy accent I have never heard anywhere else). After speaking with the leader of this village, who also seemed to act the part of a shaman, I was given a brief history of the settlement, which was named Vastaus by its inhabitants.
Pormest, the leader of the village, explained that this village was founded roughly 150 years ago by a Perthian trade group. This caravan discovered the strange depression in the landscape and began to investigate the very unusual concentration of valuable gems scattered throughout. Soon, the traders came to an interesting conclusion: these ores are sentient!

Now, upon hearing this, I immediately began studying these jewels myself, and I have found no indication that these rocks are anything other than mundane. However, the villagers all seem to believe that these rare stones are capable of higher thought, to the extent that they will have completely one-sided conversations between themselves and a random jewel!

On to more political matters, I have explained the nature of Vastaus' current situation to Pormest. Specifically, the reality that Vastaus is currently within Dawnstar's borders and that the village will be expected to follow the laws accompanying it. Thus far, Pormest seems agreeable, and shows interest in visiting Etsia sometime soon.

In conclusion, I formally request that I may spend more time in Vastaus for research purposes, that I may document the lives of these relatively unknown people and this strange basin they inhabit.

All for the Empress,

Perri Venkalyn

(pics to come!)

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PostPosted: July 19th, 2017, 11:53 pm 
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Letter sent via owl to Etsia, Stronghold, Selkaydiin Mountain Range 577 A.I.

Herra Venkalyn,

I have taken a personal interest in this story as it pertains to the ancient Talvilainen past and is important in our cultures, matters which I am thoroughly drawn to at all times.

There has always been a friction between the small group of dignitaries and honour guard that arrived with Samaia Almandine, honoured be her name, as talks and negotiations and a fair number of heated encounters occurred before a peace was settled upon following the Dragon of the End being defeated all those years ago, making it all the more impressive that this area had not encountered problems and either been slaughtered for being outsiders or simply having not survived in the harsh climate of Dawnstar's heartlands.

A small group that must have left without the knowledge of the main group that founded Etsia well over a century ago and it's possible that they got lost in the wilderness and rather than die they founded a small settlement.

I'm surprised that they not only survived but have encountered a long lost Ancestor Worship site. It's possible that the tribes chieftans and shamans will likely be angered by this foreign presence in once of their sacred areas, but that is a matter to be smoothed over in negotiations and talks down the line. I am sure that they should be at the very least grateful that one such area has been found again and is once against rightfully visited and revered by the various tribes.

Your work has not gone unnoticed, young Herra Venkalyn, the people of Dawnstar and myself owe you our gratitude for this discovery.

- Samyrrah Almandine

Talja-Sameria Tourmaline II - Tip of the Spear
Queen of Dawnstar, Deputy Minister for Hermertian Culture.
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