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The news of the calamities in the east continues to shock people throughout the empire. However, those in Tiberford are perhaps influenced by the events more so than any others not in Ostlaed. After all, their leader is brother to a Eorl whose lands are currently being invaded on multiple sides. Plus, this Eorl's entire immediate family currently reside inside quaint little hamlet.


"A young knight needs to learn patience," explained Sir Roger, a tall, dark-haired knight of the Order of Creeperist Knights in Isilioth.

Cynefrith, let loose his arrow. It sailed through the air, coming to rest right on the bullseye. "I suppose I'm handling things just fine," he replied.

"You may be so now, but you still have much to learn. Come, it is time to return to the castle."

They put up their bows and started making their way back to Tiberford. Cynefrith then spoke again, "I'm fourteen now, you know. I heard that the leader of Erikos became leader at this age just recently."

Sir Roger, walking, responded quickly, "As I am well aware. You are growing into a strong man. Your father would be proud."

"I certainly hope. He can't be having a good time in Gelderlond, and I'm very worried for my father."

They continued walking, and were beginning to enter the town. The knight said, "That is quite true, but your father is a strong leader. Keep in mind that in his time he founded one realm, became a noble, and then took his new realm to new heights. He has friends in high places too. I am sure he will be alright."

"That is what worries me though. My dad is putting his life in danger for people he didn't even grow up with. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in a foreign land doing nothing." Cynefrith started walking more briskly, narrowly avoiding a cart of hay.

"Just as your father wanted. Your safety is of the greatest importance to him. Besides, you are learning much here. While your father doesn't necessarily care for the Order, he appreciates his education, which is precisely why he wishes for your study here."

The wind picked up speed, and the smell of the pines lining the roads in Tiberford wafted through the air. Cynefrith spoke, "I wish I could do more though! Pyrencians do twice of what normal men do in much less time."

Stepping between market stalls, Sir Roger sent a response back, "Yes, but they only have half the time. What they do do must necessarily happen quickly. I would say it is a bit unfair to compare yourself to them. While you certainly look like a man, you aren't quite one yet." He paused shortly as he stopped before the castle drawbridge. "Ho! Sir Roger and the young squire Cynefrith ask for entrance!"

The drawbridge quickly lowered, and both the gentleman started walking toward the castle.

"Why can't I be with my father? I am a more than capable archer," Cynefrith exclaimed.

After pausing shortly to catch his breath, the knight replied, "Because you are still a boy, and your father wants your safety. As gifted an archer you may be, you would be slaughtered unmercifully by any decent soldier. Put such thoughts out of your head, and think rationally for once in your life. Now go and eat with your mother before she starts worrying. Fare thee well." Sir Roger then turned around and started back to the knights quarters.


That night, Cynefrith began writing a letter.

Dear mother,

I apologize greatly for what I am about to do. You will worry to no end, and it is perhaps the thing I will regret the most about my actions. However, I must do this. There are many other men in the world like my father doing brave, noble deeds, but I am not one of them. That is why I am joining the fight against Mark. The entire Empire is in danger, and me hiding in Tiberford will not do anything to help. By the time you read this letter, I will already be halfway to Oakland. Just know I love you very much, and that I will miss you greatly, but when you see me again you will see not the young boy that left, but a brave knight.

Your son, Cynefrith Auratavia.

Cynefrith stood up, and scanned his room, taking one last look at the bed, the drawers, and the desk he was about to leave behind. He took the rope he smuggled out of the storage room, and tossed it out his bedroom window. Then, careful not to make a sound, he lowered his sack of belongings, quiver of arrows, and enchanted bow onto the ground outside. He quickly downed a potion of invisibility, and admired his paling hand.

Soon he climbed down the rope and gathered his belongings. After giving one last nervous glance toward the castle, he started marching away.


Eltha finished reading the letter. Tears dropped heavily from her eyes. Her howl pierced the silence of the black night, and woke almost all within Castle Auratavia. It seems as if the war, despite being so far away, has already taken its first casualty.

Lord Cynefrith Kalo Arataefia of Northubeorc
Eorl of Gelderlond, Protector of the Östrons
Knight of the Order of Östlond in Gelderlond
Student of the Gildscype Scytera (Archers' Guild)

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