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 Post subject: Passing of Vegeuros
PostPosted: August 3rd, 2016, 1:44 pm 
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Vegeuros stood on the balcony of the newly completed town hall in Reyoarfell and watched the sunset disappear behind the distant hills of County Leirhorn.
How many days had passed since he first came to Reinen? Too many...

He recalled his first trip from Concordia to Hellasberg all those years ago and chuckled quietly to himself. A trip of such length on horseback was beyond him now.
Remembering allies old and new who had since left this realm, he felt older than ever before.

His thoughts drifted towards bed. While it was not unusual for him to work late into the small hours, Vegeuros felt particularly tired today. The stack of paperwork on his desk seemed neverending.
Suddenly, an unexpected knock on his office door startled him from his daydream. Who would disturb him at this hour?

He opened the door and was greeted by the town maester, Ludric, who appeared to have sprinted from his chambers.

"Sorry to disurb you Sir Vegeuros but I have just received a raven from the capital for you; It is marked 'High Priority", Ludric exclaimed while simultaniously holding out a letter and trying to catch his breathe.

"Thank you Maester Ludric" Vegeuros sighed as he took the letter. "I doubt it is so important that it cannot wait until tomorrow. I'll bid you goodnight and speak to you in the morning".


The next morning came and Maester Ludric paced anxiously up and down the Town Hall steps. He was hot and bothered. He did not like the lack of control he was feeling. 

The captain of the town guard approached. He looked less than happy to be pulled away from his normal duties.
"What seems to be the problem Maester?" snapped Captain Rokol
"I have been unable to find Sir Vegeuros this morning. He has not collected his mail, no one has reported seeing him in town today!"
"Perhaps he slept in this morning?" said a clearly disinterested Captain Rokol.
"No. I went to his personal residence and his wife said he did not come home last night. I last spoke with him in his study yesterday evening. I tried there this morning but the door is locked and there is no answer from inside. I want you to break down the door."

Agreeing that this was more serious than initially thought, Captain Rokol assembled several other men from the town guard and together they made their way to Vegeuros' study. They forced open the door only to find Vegeuros lying motionless on the floor of his office. Ludric rushed over to his master and checked for a pulse. nothing

"I'm afraid he is dead", Ludric whispered.
Captain Rokol made his way over to Vegeuros' body and performed his own checks. He reluctantly agreed with Ludrics initial conclusion.
Noticing a piece of paper clutched in the now deceased masters hand, Rokol prised it from his grip and passed it to Maester Ludric.

Ludric recognised it as the high priority letter he delivered last night. He read the first paragraph and felt tears welling in his eyes:

For the attention of Vegeuros Cersil,
In recognition of your great work and devotion, It is with great pleasure that I Vaneth, Duchess of Reinen, do hereby grant you ascension to the nobility with the status of Count with immediate effect…

What irony. Having worked tirelessly for the last few decades in Reinen, waiting for the day he would rise to the noble rank of count, he dies just after gaining his prize.

“In the absense of forced entry to this room or any injuries on the body, I can only surmise that he died of a heart attack due to the surprise of the letters contents….” Ludric muttered. He turned to Captain Rokol. “Please inform Lady Cersil of what has occurred, move his body to a more discreet location and then locate his son Septimus so he may inherit the Counthood. I hope he is up to the job.”

Prince Septimus Cersil, Lord of Wychwood
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- 2016 Winner of the 'Medal of S'alright'
- Stronger than an ant
- The Tallest

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 Post subject: Re: Passing of Vegeuros
PostPosted: August 3rd, 2016, 3:44 pm 
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The people of Östlaed send ten casks of their finest strong dark ale to Reinen in celebration of the life of Count Vegueros.

Ealdorman Cerdic Beoden Accynnafon of Östlond
Runner Up of the Glas Claddach Boat Building Competition
Minister of Justice

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 Post subject: Re: Passing of Vegeuros
PostPosted: August 3rd, 2016, 7:16 pm 
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A tragedy to hear indeed. He lived a full life and shall be missed.

Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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