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This is a rough draft (Very rough) of what I'm writing to fill in the gaps, it looks like you all have lost a good portion of the servers history, so I'm trying to go by memory. Any criticism is welcome. Also I haven't gotten to the introduction of my new character so that will be coming in the following days.

(I think this is the appropriate place to post lore, if not let me know! Im also going to be making a land claim sometime this week, this is just some lore to fill in the gap between daos and faringar )

The Return Of House Talin

A great many years ago, darkness befell a land long forgotten, and out of that darkness came a strange man, and a strange story.

From a broken nether gate came Faringar Talin ( The First ), fleeing a collapsing world in what can only be explained as another realm of existence, Faringar was a young member of a royal family, and heir to the title Shadow Lord, like his father before him. With him he brought a small group of refugees. The exact circumstances that brought Faringar and his strange people, the Sceadugengan, to these lands is all but lost to history. But much of Faringar’s truimphs in the old world are still known today, passed down from generation to generation.

Faringar arrived at a time of expansion in the old world, in what was truly a golden era of peace and exploration, and for a time Faringar and his people thrived. With help and acceptance from some of the great houses of old, Faringar became fast friends with many of the Nobility of the old world. And with this he found himself Governor of the land of Zhuque. Here the shadow people settled, And Sirius was born. In Sirius trade boomed, with great exports of lumber and premium beef, and eventually massive amounts of iron and gold due to an industrial boom in the area and the discovery of the Orion gold veins that stretched the lands of Zhuque. Sirius was a port town on the coast of the Vermillion Sea, and was one of the first settlements to build a working lighthouse to guide trade ships into port.

After many years of grown and the creation of several knew settlements across the land Faringar was growing old, and sought the help of some knew and adventurous blood. And so Lord Bredal came into place. Given permission to settle land south of Sirius, in the name of Shadow Lord Talin to secure the continents life line the great river that brought trade into the vermillion sea. And thus Arcadia was built, a thriving trade town with a strong military presence. Shadow Lord Talin oversaw much of the initial creation of the town but once infrastructure was settled he left to oversee the construction of Sothis, what would have been the largest walled city in the old world had it been completed.

Many more years passed, and through them some turmoil, another agent of Sirius overseeing the Orion mine operations on behalf of Shadow Lord Talin was found guilty of treachery and sentenced to death causing the closing of the Orion mine. And the loss of what can only be described as a kings fortune in gold and diamonds at the bottom of the vermillion sea.

Shortly after this came the Arcadian Crisis.

Arcadia had boomed, and Lord Bredal had come into into the mind that with the stature of Arcadia growing so fast that it should no longer have been a part of the Sirian Freehold. World of this reached Sirius, and Shadow Lord Talin, even in his old age, prepared for the worst. Defenses where raised in Sirius and the river was secured. Eventually negotiations where met between Shadow Lord Talin and Lord Bredal, it was agreed that Arcadia was the property of Sirius, but also that its success was only at the hand of Lord Bredal. And it was made known that if Lord Bredal had come forward and through the right channels asked to succeed from the freehold, Shadow Lord Talin would have allowed it.

In the end Arcadia was abandon and borders where met near by, from there on military tensions between the two where high until an alliance was met to defend both lands from the rising threat of the night, the Skeleton King. But that too is ancient history, and another story all together.

Many more years past in relative peace, until the great upheaval. Not much is documented or known about this time. But great atrocities where committed and the death of Shadow Lord Faringar Talin The First occurred. The old world was in a complete state of upheaval and the Shadow people fled in all directions seeking to escape persecution. So was the end of the reign of the House Talin in Zhuque.

Some years later when the journey to the new world occurred Shadow Lord Faringar Talin The First’s grandson, and heir to his grandfathers name and title, Daos Don Talin came forward with a small group of his people that had managed to stay together. They came along with the first settlers to the new world. Upon arrival many of Daos’s group set off on there own looking for a fresh start far from the pain that the past held. Daos stayed for some time but eventually left with the last large group of his people to journey far into the new world.
(This next section is still a rough draft, let me know what you think!)
The Enclave
Talin Trade Company

Chapter One: Faringar Talin II

I was born, many years travel to the east, in a land very unlike this one. Those distant lands are but a childhood memory now, as I have spent the entirety of my life journeying to this fabled land, my grandfather told me that I was the one destined to return and bring our family name back to its rightful glory.
His father before him, Daos Don Talin, left these lands in search of peace and a fresh start. After many years of travel they settled in a land call Mal’to nestled between enormous rocky mountains and a great sea stretching farther than any sailor has ever gone. Mal’to became a great city, prosperous with trade and adamant on peace between neighbors. It was here that the Talin Trade Company became The Talin Trade Enclave. Daos was known as a peaceful ruler. And he died as a peaceful ruler. Daos left, what was upon his death, his trade empire, the Enclave. To his son’s.
Daos had three sons. Sacor’es Don Talin, a great beast of a man with a gentle heart of gold. Torval Talin, my Grandfather, a warrior through and through with a code of honor stemming from the long forgotten history of the Sceadugengan people. And Niles Talin, who had an insatiable appetite for expansion.
Each son had dominion over a different aspect of the Enclave. Sacor’es was left dominion over the Enclave mines. Torval the Enclave Guard. And Niles, the great enclave trade fleet.

For almost half a century peace and prosperity continued to reign in Mal’to, trade expanded in every direction. New technology’s in farming and mining caused huge increases in economic growth and the Enclave Guard provided peace wherever Enclave trade reigned. But greed always finds a way.

Sixty years after the death of Daos Don Talin, everything came apart. It was as if it happened in an instant.

Niles Talin, my Great Uncle, with his insatiable appetite for expansion had become obsessed with the lost history and magic’s of the land. He was convinced that if he could control the end. Then he could control everything. After many years of obsessive research Niles found entry to the end. Far into the Mal’to sea, deep at the bottom was a temple. Niles constructed a massive feat of engineering, creating walls around the temple and draining the water out. The first explorations into the end led to the deaths of many men, but eventually word came back. Of the Dragon. And this was the beginning of the end.

Many months went by without word from Niles, and his brothers began to worry. Perhaps his obsession had finally taken him. Unfortunately this was not so. Word arrived in Mal’to, for Sacor’es and Torval to come at once to the temple in the sea. And so they sailed.

After many weeks at sea, Sacor’es and Torval finally arrived, and what they found left them in awe. And left them terrified.

Niles had ventured into the end. With a great score of men, and with chains forged in magic fires he had bound the ender dragon and pulled it from the end. Still alive.

The dragon was fierce and even though chained, was causing havoc at Niles base of operations. Torval and Sacor’es went to Niles at once, they begged him to return the dragon to the end. Or at the least slay it. No beast so great should be kept a slave. But Niles refused, he wanted to use the dragon, he wanted dominion over all time and space. He had gone mad.

Every day Niles would spend hours with his mages trying to bind the dragons will to Niles. Every day Niles seemed more and more mad. Clearly losing touch with reality, Sacor’es and Torval decided to take charge of the situation, and Niles men were more than willing to help, they cast the dragon back into the end, and broke the levy’s holding the water back from the temple and sailed home. Relieved that the whole ordeal was over.

Some months went by and Niles seemed to recover some, but he was still very different. As if he was in two places at once. A husk of the driven man he once was.
Soon odd things began to happen in Mal’to, building collapsing for no reason, dark clouds would swoop in against the wind and bring down rain and hail unlike any that had ever occurred in the city. Soon tremors began. The Enclave guard was already spread thin fighting fires across the city and pulling people from the rubble of fallen buildings. In the deep mines beneath Mal’to the bedrock split and holes into the void below where opened, creatures unlike any that man has ever seen came forth from those mines. My grandfather could not even describe them to me. All that I knew was that he lost an eye and half his left arm fighting them back into the hell they came from. The Enclave guard was able to fight off the monsters until the Miners where able seal the crevasse with obsidian, but the tremors only worsened.

Masses evacuated Mal’to fleeing into the surrounding mountains and out into the open sea, the Talin Trade Empire was destroyed. It would seem that the Talin Family was cursed for the crimes of Niles Talin against the ender dragon.
Yet Torval and Sacor’es refused to abandon there brother, upon the last ship left in the harbor at Mal’to.
Torval, Sacor’es and Niles, and there family’s and the family’s of the guardsmen that accompanied them boarded the vessel Tread Far, a great royal trade ship, and they departed, hoping to find exile in some foreign land. My grandfather set course for the lands his father before him left, hoping that there we could start again.

After three months at sea, the five hundred or so passengers aboard the Tread Far where becoming weary of the water and wished to port for supplies and rest. Torval resfused, stating that it did not feel right, but Sacor’es bid him to do so, as their brother was very unwell.
The Tread Far ported in a cove off the coast of some foreign sea, they stayed for several nights and then packed up and set sail again. But far they did not travel before Torvals intuitions come to fruition.

At dusk, sailing west in the open sea, a strange wind blew in and then a calm came about the ship and the waters holding her. The sky turned dark, but not the regular dark dotted with bright stars and translucent clouds littering the skyline, a true dark. Like all color ceased to exist around the ship.

The water like glass. As if the ship was paint on a fresh canvas.

The crew of the Tread Far was silent, as if some entity had taken them all under its will and help the air in their lungs. The only two able to act where Torval and Sacor’es, they could do nothing but stand in awe at the peace that surrounded them. Three tall shadowed figures, seemed to blow in almost as sand blows away in the wind, but no wind was present. They spoke in hallowed voices all at once, as if they spoke from the seat of a cathedral, as if the whole world could feel the words as they spoke them, they were not heard so much as simply known.

The figures spoke “We come for the shadow that bonded with the void”

Torval spoke back “You cannot have him, he is our blood, if you want him you have to take me.”

Sacor’es “And you can’t take either unless you take me as well”

The figures replied “He is as much our blood now as he is yours, he will die here, and the void will claim all to find him”
Torval and Sacor’es looked at each other, they knew what must be done. They had somehow known all along. They pulled Niles from the ground where he lay, shaking, and unresponsive. They carried him forward to the three figures and laid him at their feet, or where their feet would be had they had any.

The figures looked, without emotion, at niles on the deck of the ship. And then he was gone, like sand in the wind. They looked back at Torval and Sacor’es, this time, with curiosity it would seem.
“Your blood is not from this existence, you are of the void, as we are. The same but different. Our paths have not crossed for the last time Sceadugengan. The void calls and all of its children must answer.”

And just as they came they left.

The world came back to the state it was before they arrived, as if nothing had happened. All passengers in shock and awe. So many questions where left unknown.

The passengers of the Tread Far sailed for many more months and eventually came to land, here the trip by sea was over. A settlement was build there and for some years the passengers of the Tread Far lived in relative peace. My Grandfather had a son, and my great uncle passed away from illness. I was born and named for my Forefather who first brought our people to this land so very many years ago.
Eventually my grandfather passed, but before his passing he passed on the dream of coming back to this land, to start anew.

At the sight of the landing of the Tread Far a settlement was built that while quaint never truly grew, its name is lost to me now. But I remember my childhood there the storys my grandfather told me and by father teaching me how to fight and how to build. I was told of my lineage and my blood. I was told of the great things my family has done, and the great sorrows it has endured.
A blight swept over the settlement one winter, and my father and mother passed, leaving me to lead my people west again to rebuild what has been lost. And so we went.

Years passed, and I grew, and I learned. And now we have arrived back in the land so long ago left by my great grandfather Daos Don Talin, we have begun to settle off the coast of a large bay in the east near the Kingdom of New Erita, here we shall make a claim of land and rebuild the Enclave lost to us so far to the west.

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The Talin family has been through a lot since they last set foot in the empire. We welcome them again with open arms.

PS: make sure to add this to the Imperial Library! It could make for a nice addition to the Zhuque (currently Sothis because I can't remember names sometimes) realm page's history section. You can also make a new realm page for the Enclave!

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A lost portion of our shared history. This dragon obsessed man sounded terrifying. I am glad that no one has since attempted such a feat that we know of!

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