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 Post subject: The Arcadian Crisis
PostPosted: February 3rd, 2017, 5:07 pm 
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The Legal Archives of Östlond are providing this account from their collections at the Castle Gourdburg

The Crisis: Arcadian Story

The Licentian population of Arcadia had always been extremely independent, and the economy of Arcadia had developed separately from that of Sirius. This made the people of Arcadia believe that it was their right to secede from Zhuque and form their own nation, ruling from Arcadia over the rest of Licentia to the South.
Mayor Bredal was sympathetic to these views, and began to seek foreign support for his ventures. He found backing in several nations throughout the Mercurian Empire. However, Bredal believed that his ruler, Shadow Lord Talin, would be outraged, and could even declare war. So Bredal stalled while he built up his defenses.
A merchantman from Sirius overheard a speech by Bredal to a group of citizens about their desires for secession. The merchant sailed northward to warn Sirius of this. Suddenly Arcadia was filled with Sirian agents, who incredulously interrogated any important person on the matter of secession. Lord Talin was outraged, and war seemed imminent. Bredal was prepared to fight, his fortresses were impregnable and the people of Arcadia willing to use any object to defend the town. But Bredal realized that he would only lose face in the eyes of the Mercurian Empire, who had nominal rule over his lands.
Thus, Bredal decided, the mature thing to do would be to relinquish control over Arcadia and head south into his people's native land. With the council's supervision, Bredal and Lord Talin hammered out borders and then a withdraw time for Bredal from Arcadia. With much sadness, most of the Licentian's in Arcadia packed up their things and migrated south into Licentia. The majority of the town was pulled apart for building supplies. On the final day before departure, everything seemed to have gone perfectly, but then, as the Almeida Fortress Garrison was dismantling its TNT traps, a flow of lava lit the gunpowder, and the entire fortress exploded, killing much of the garrison and leaving the fortress as a pile of rubble.
[edit] The Crisis: Sirian Story

The Sirian Account:
During the early fourth era, the freehold of sirius (Now Sothis) was shifting from a time of mass construction and growth to a time of diplomacy and learning. This was marked by the passing of the founder of Sirius, Chris, and the shift of ownership of the freehold to the mysterious newcomer, Shadow Lord Talin, or Faringar Talin. During this time, a newcomer arrived in Sirius, and was welcomed. This man was Lord Bredal, founder of Arcadia vassal to Sirius. Lord Talin allowed Bredal to build Arcadia within the borders of his already established freehold, with simple limitations. One of which being the inability to secede.
It was talk among the Kings and Governors of the other realms that alerted Lord Talin to the possible Secession of Arcadia. And he was indeed worried. Arcadia had built strong walls, and military structures. Taken down all remnants of Sirian rule. Lord Talin was baffled and could not believe this, Bredal had been trusted with this land, and may very well have taken a high seat in government had this event not occured. After hearing several rumors of military force being an options of Bredals to defend Arcadia Lord Talin took to his own defenses and those that found this to be an outrage as well. It was during this time that several alliances were made between Sirius and other freeholds, and even established realms. Lord Talin took the initiative to solve this without military force, strictly using diplomacy, but not being afraid to state that he would defend what he considered rightfully his.
After much debate between both Lord Talin and those that would call him a dictator, Bredal came forward from some absence and peace was immediately made. Talin acknowledged that Bredal had created Arcadia, built it from the ground and made it great, but stressed that this secession was kept from him. Had it been a request, perhaps Arcadia would have been given up. So with this in mind Lord Talin gave Bredal a generous portion of time, and the permission to take any and all materials he wished to take from Arcadia. It is noted that Lord Talin took extremely proactive measures to protect his claims without violence.

Ealdorman Cerdic Beoden Accynnafon of Östlond
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