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PostPosted: January 31st, 2017, 7:13 pm 
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Date: 384 A.I.

Location: Islands of Seled Gur off the western coast of Kybalia

Defending force (led by Bograsmer):
700 Kacenik tribesmen (also known as the sea nomads)
15 small warships

Attacking force (led by Aurennis):
1,000 Casadian soldiers
200 Gathered mercenaries
150 Minervan marines
350 Valyrian soldiers
50 Ertian soldiers
38 warships of varying size

Leadup to the battle:
Conflict between Casadia and the Kacenik tribes had begun nearly two decades prior, with the raiding tribesmen emboldened by Casadia’s weakness and the weapons and armor they had recovered from Orcish stashes in Pia Xao. The nomads had all but decimated Casadia’s settlements in northern Kybalia when Aurennis famously slew Bograsmer’s eight sons during a “peace negotiation” in 385 A.I.. The death of Bograsmer’s sons was a blow to the morale of the oft victorious tribesemen and helped turn the tide of the conflict. After a series of successful Casadian raids into Pia Xao, an uneasy peace agreement was reached between the sides. For a year the peace held, until Kacenik raiding vessels were spotted off the western shore of Kybalia. Sensing that renewed raiding was imminent, then Guardian of Casadia, Vendarrion, rallied Casadia’s army and called on its friends throughout the empire to aid in defeating the tribesmen once and for all. Many realms answered the call and soon a large imperial fleet was gathered in the harbor of Casad Vokh. Word of this coalition had reached Bograsmer, who began to assemble his own forces at his island stronghold of Seled Gur.

The battlefield:
Seled Gur consists of two islands: a fortified island hosting the main settlement and a smaller fortified island to the northeast connected by a stone causeway.

Events of the battle:
Loaded with soldiers, the imperial fleet set sail for Seled Gur. Upon seeing the size of the coalition’s warships, nearly half of Bograsmer’s ships fled eastward. Bograsmer ordered the rest to remain in port, knowing it would be suicide to attack his enemy’s larger fleet. With little resistance from the Kacenik fleet, several warships attacked the northeastern island, which fell quickly.

Upon taking the island, the imperial forces began to bombard the main island with arrows and ballistae projectiles. A makeshift wall was constructed on the causeway to provide cover for imperial archers. As imperial soldiers crept down the causeway, Bograsmer revealed his trap: the southern end of the causeway had been rigged with Orcish explosives. When the enemy drew near, he ordered the causeway destroyed, killing a score of imperial soldiers. As night fell on the first day, the now wary imperial army plotted its next move.

On the second day, the exchange of missiles continued, with few casualties on either side. Both sides shored up their respective positions as the battle became one of attrition. The imperial fleet continued to harass the defenders, but attempts to land troops on the main island were discouraged by more explosives hidden along the shoreline. Some progress was made to repair the causeway by the imperial forces, but the constant stream of projectiles made doing so without casualties difficult. Night fell with little progress made by either side.

It was now that the imperial forces revealed their own cunning: with the Kacenik forces focused on defending the causeway, a company of Minervan marines approached the western side of the island in secret. Using the darkness as their cover, they managed to make landfall without being detected. The Kacenik warriors were caught off guard as the Minervan soldiers swept through the settlement, killing many defenders in their sleep. By the time Bograsmer realized what was happening, it was too late. His forces abandoned their positions in order to confront the Minervan attackers, allowing the rest of the imperial army to land without fear of harassment. Outnumbered and in disarray, the Kacenik forces were quickly overwhelmed. By daybreak, only a few Kacenik soldiers had survived or eluded capture. It was not long before the imperial victory was complete.

The Siege of Seled Gur brought an end to Kacenik raiding. Bograsmer was taken prisoner and agreed to a peace deal that would allow some of the tribesmen to settle some land of their own, but relieved them of the Orcish weapons that had made them such a menace. The victorious imperial forces celebrated in Casad Vokh, culminating in Casadia joining the ranks of the House of Dukes. As commander of the imperial coalition, Aurennis expanded his living legend and would soon become Guardian of Casadia. The Kacenik tribes resettled peacefully, with Casadia even providing some assistance to promote agriculture in the new settlements. Bograsmer would lead the Kacenik people for another two years before his death in 386 A.I.

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PostPosted: February 1st, 2017, 2:39 am 
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Fun times.

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PostPosted: February 1st, 2017, 4:11 am 
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A somber recounting of a historical battle.
Borgrasmers people were given land, a beneficent offer which would yield a twofold bounty: removal of bandit threat and promotion of keeping said threat away. Very smart. Do they still fare today in the Old World?

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