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PostPosted: December 16th, 2016, 2:24 am 
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"I tell ye, tis there Tulak!".. Gelvin said in exasperation. "The legacy of my, and yours mind ye, people. Empty, barren, and full of knowledge, history, and wealth just for the taking."

"Gelvin, don't pretend that ye are looking at anything more than the wealth." replied Tulak. "And ye must know that if it is indeed empty of our kin, there be a good reason. I kinnae take Kiln into an unknown realm, looking for something that might not exist. I won't risk her, not in her condition."

"Leave her with me, go and find it, and then when ye send word we shall join ye." stated Gelvin.

The thought of an abandoned Dwed chambrumm eron Anym appealed to Tulak, he couldn't deny that. All these years away from his Ardol had left him homesick. And Kiln's incessant talk about living back under solid earth didn't help any. He would do anything for her, and now that she was expecting, he either had to shite or git off the chamber pot.

"I'll look, Gelvin, but ye will fund the expidition. And if'n a single hair on Kiln's head is displaced in my absence..." began Tulak....

"She 'appens to be me daughter! Ye not need to threaten me about 'omething like that, Master ForgeArm!" growled Gelvin...

"I am sorry, Gelvin. That wasn't deserved, an' I shouldn't 'ave said it." Tulak said apologetically. "Let us make preparations then."

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