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Septimus entered the dingy council chamber and sat down at the head of the table. Before he could open his ledger and retrieve the notes of the last council meeting, a red haired man seated to his left stood up.
‘You have some explaining to do! On what authority did you feel you could sign that treaty? We have the right to be consulted on matters such as this!’. Several others nodded in agreement.

Septimus had anticipated that he would have to diffuse an argument when he got back to Isenwich from Ostlaed, but it didn’t make his job any easier.

‘On whose authority? You forget yourself Godric now sit down!’ Septimus bellowed ‘I wield executive power in these lands, not the council. You have the right to be consulted, If I deem it necessary. In this instance there was no time to call a council meeting. The leader of Ostlaed, Mark Accynnafon II was insistent that Wychwood sign his ‘Treaty of Understanding’ as soon as possible.’

‘Surely you could have delayed him? I don’t see a reason compelling enough that you would drop everything and rush to the south of the empire?’ quizzed another of the advisors.

‘I felt it prudent to acquiesce to his demands. As you know, Ostlaed is one of our biggest regions for export as well as one of the bigger importers to Wychwood. The implied penalty for not signing this treaty would have been a halt to all trade in and out with Ostlaed. Our economy would have suffered’ replied Septimus, his voice heavy with defeat. ‘Trade with other realms has been in decline. The only growing market outside of Pyrencia is Ostlaed and we can’t afford to lose access.

Several of the other council members shifted in their seats. While they were aggrieved that Septimus had not consulted with them before signing this treaty, it was obvious that there were no other options.

‘But the leader is a fool! He executes his own local government!’ shouted another of the advisors.

Septimus stood and locked eyes with all of the council members.
‘We can’t afford to piss this lunatic off. If the price for continued trade with the region is to sign his treaty, then we sign. If events progress at the current pace then we will likely see civil war before the year is out and we’re in no position to intervene. If Mark prevails then we will continue trading as normal, as per his treaty. If his brother Cerdic should take the realm, I hear he is more reasonable than his half baked sibling so establishing new relations with him should not be an issue.’

Prince Septimus Cersil, Lord of Wychwood
Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers
Warden of the North
- Recipient of the Pyrencian Good Effort Award
- 2016 Winner of the 'Medal of S'alright'
- Stronger than an ant
- The Tallest

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