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PostPosted: November 15th, 2017, 4:23 am 
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Full name: Talja-Sameria II

Race: Talvilainen Snow Elf

Gender: Female

Title(s): Tip of the Spear, Revered Leader of Dawnstar, Queen of the Realm of Dawnstar in Mercuria, Member of the High Council.

Birthplace: Where-the-Haukk-Soars Ancestor Site, Hinterlands.

Date of Birth: 558 A.I.

Date of Death: -

Realm: Dawnstar

Holdings: The Realm of Dawnstar, Countess of Ardmorae in Valtoros, Duchess of the Ilmenite Coast in Perth, Count of Mesaque in Kaine and more.

Personality Traits: Quick Witted. Humourous. Occaisionally Impetuous.

Particular Skills: Saga Reading, Ancestor Rites, Warrior.

Backstory: Talja-Sameria Tourmaline II grew up as an atypical youth in her tribe, Kuumisia, the People of the Moon, being an orphan at the age of only 3. Travelling with the seasons, learning the craft of the tribes people, visiting the Talvilainen Capital of Kaltamerri on occasion as she grew older, Talja was determined to not be a burden on her tribe. Channeling the spirits of the Talvilainen ancestors and seeking guidance with their wisdom every night after hearing the young Snow Elf would focus her efforts on becoming the best she could be. With her rise through adolescence and into early adulthood, Talja was given the honourific additional name by the tribal elders for her one of the great Ancestors of the Snow Elven people of ancient times, Sameria Almandine of Perth, becoming Talja-Sameria Tourmaline II.

Continuing to prove herself and rising higher in the tribes hierarchy, becoming well known for her quick witticism and arcing blade-work, Talja-Sameria grew to earn the respect of her peers and her tribe and made a name for herself and the great high moon festival attended by tribes of Dawnstar once yearly.

Notable Achievements: Elected Tip of the Spear of all Dawnstar, High Council Elector for Mercurian Empire.

Talja-Sameria Tourmaline II - Tip of the Spear
Queen of Dawnstar, Deputy Minister for Hermertian Culture.
Adjudicator for Valyrian Affairs, Forums Administrator

Gold Roads. Fractal Mining. Lore Compliance Ducks.

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