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 Post subject: Raynor Wealth
PostPosted: July 23rd, 2017, 11:23 pm 

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Name: Raynor Wealth
Race: Human
Birthplace: Merchantia
Realm: The Grand Duchy Of Reinen
Personality: Smart, Cunning, Charismatic, Self Reliant
Skills: Writing, Farming.
Backstory/Story So Far (The new and improved version edited by the great Duchess Aethemora!): Young Raynor was always taught at a young age that he was apart of a noble family and that he would be highly respected, though he had to act very mature and proper also “There will be no mooching off others!” he was often told by his mother. He was taught the ways of trading and the early numerical system, in his town he called home named Merchantia.

His family had soon become the most prosperous trading family in Merchantia, he was amazed at all the gems, weapons, and armor his family sold, and how all of it was so shiny! He was taught that to be noble you were to be rich! If you were not rich you were not noble in his and his families eyes. His family followed the only accepted religion in the city Wealthism. Wealthism taught people to respect the rich and noble and to give tithe to those who were rich.

This greed led to downfall though and soon Merchantia was running out of resources and needed to explore so they hired Raynor’s family to find materials to sell. Raynor had begun reading many books and in one of them they spoke of a land called Hermertia, it was rumoured to have a large amount of valuable gems and resources. He soon prepared a schooner ship to set sail to Hermertia it housed 12 crew members all of which were his family.

During their voyage which would take around 6 months time they practiced and embraced Wealthism. But soon disaster struck as a rogue wave came in and smashed the boat ripping off the sails and punching a hole in the ship’s hull. Soon the ship began to sink as it was filling with water quite rapidly. There was only one lifeboat on the ship and Raynor, checking his surroundings, was the only one above deck so he quickly fled to it and began rowing away from the wreckage.

As he took one final look back he saw the ship slowly sinking into the ocean, with his family aboard. He was now the only one left in his family he had to continue their legacy! After a day or two of consistent paddling, Raynor soon saw land in the distance, which he believed to be Hermertia. At long last, he had reached it!

Once he washed up along shore he spotted a port and headed towards it, when he arrived he was greeted by some nobles, some had even offered to take him in. He choose to be taken in by the Duchess Aethemora although her holdings were not as big as the king’s who had offered he believes that he could help grow her rule or at least make her more wealthy!

He soon set out on his journey to a forest that his Duchess said would make a fine base of operations, he saddled up his horse and rode off. The journey took several days and Raynor had to deal with the struggle of weather and starvation. He soon arrived at the forest but his troubles had just only begun. When he had a small shack setup in the woods (which he did not like as he was a noble not a peasant!) monsters soon began swarming his home and attacking him. Many had rumored that Hermertia had many ferocious monsters which is quite true as Raynor had just discovered.

Every morning Raynor practiced his religion Wealthism by holding his wealth and riches in his hand it praising it as if it were a god. and soon hoped to build a village and spread his religious beliefs in this village so that he could be seen as a very highly respectable noble. His village soon sprouted up out of the forest with a towering wind mill and walls high enough to keep in the most ferocious monsters out of his village, soon his followers began to love and respect him and believing in Wealthism and paying him their tithes.

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