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PostPosted: February 4th, 2017, 11:16 pm 
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Full name: Cynefrith Kalo Arataefia



Race: Östron / Isilian

Gender: Male

Title(s): Sir Cynefrith of House Auratavia

Birthplace: Oakland, Kingdom of New Isilioth

Date of Birth: 530 A.I., Cycle of the Tide 00-05

Realm: Gelderlond, Östlaed

Holdings: Northubeorc, Saeppeham, Fodrham, Vindrhaef

Personality Traits: Daring, Noble, Boisterous, Industrious, Charismatic

Particular Skills: Archery, Sailing, Horse Riding, Fluency in Mercurian, Isilian, and Östron (Northern and Standard)

Backstory: Born to Kalo and Eltha Auratavia in Northubeorc, Cynefrith is the eldest child of the couple. From a young age he was trained in various skills including archery, sailing, and leadership. He is a gifted archer, learning the basics at an incredibly young age. Upon turning eight years of age, Cynefrith retrieved specialized training from the Gildscype Scytera. After Ealdorman Mark Accynnafon's death, however, Ostlaed entered a period of instability: Cynefrith was sent with his family to Tiberford, New Isilioth, during one of Kalo's diplomatic missions to the realm, where he would be safe from the cruelties of the Ostron Civil War.

This would not last, as in 544 A.I. Cynefrith ran away from Tiberford to join the Isilian militia. From that point on he became embroiled in the Ostron Civil War. He was onboard Isilian cogs during the Battle of Secara, and then studied with the Casadian Creeperist knights in Arnum in the winter of 544 A.I. He first saw combat at Staenan, where he fought as a mounted archer in the Imperial forces. He would then help take and defend Fort Finwarfæstnes, and fight in the Battle of Acholm. For his heroic actions in both engagements he was knighted by Ealdorman Cerdic in 446 A.I.

At Acholm Cynefrith met his father Kalo, and after a heartfelt moment, Kalo left the decision to continue fighting to him. Cynefrith decided to stay in the war, and fought his remaining battles as a Knight of Ostlond. In 447 A.I. he saw victories at Beorcfeld and Frithengest, but at great personal cost. A TNT trap fatally wounded Kalo and many other knights. He died in Cynefrith's arms, his final words telling of his pride in his son. With that, Cynefrith became the Eorl of Gelderlond, a wounded shire in a shattered realm.

Notable Achievements: N/A

Family Tree:


For more information see Kalo Auratavia

Lord Cynefrith Kalo Arataefia of Northubeorc
Eorl of Gelderlond, Protector of the Östrons
Knight of the Order of Östlond in Gelderlond
Student of the Gildscype Scytera (Archers' Guild)

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PostPosted: February 5th, 2017, 8:06 am 
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Birth date is listed as 430 AI in the post.

Ulrik Gunnarson
Duke of the Gathered Races of Hermertia Homeland (GRHH)
The Chairman of the GRHH Co.

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