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Full name: Erastil Azarn-Blodh

Race: Pyrencian, Azarn Bloodline

Gender: Male

Title(s): King of Pyrencia, The Hydra, Son of the Dawn

Birthplace: Mytheth

Date of Birth: 524

Date of Death: O_o

Realm: Pyrencia

Holdings: Pyrencia

Personality Traits: (e.g. cunning, honorable, mischievous, loyal, etc.)
Just, Tempermental, Patriotic

Particular Skills: (e.g. combat, smithing, cartography, etc.)
Tactics, Combat, Metalworking

Backstory: Erastil grew up moving around Pyrencia, learning the ways off all the different Pyrencian Subcultures. However, he didn't leave Pyrencia for the first time until he was nearly an adult. Myron sent him on a trip around the empire, but it took a while for Erastil to come to appreciate the cultures of other nations as well, and he still comes off as nationalistic to this day.

Notable Achievements: Won the Pyrencian Civil War, defending his bloodlines right to rule. Re-organized the Pyrencian Military.

By the will of Azarn
-King of Pyrencia
-The Hydra
For a full list of titles, please see enclosed document.

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