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Full name: Tulak ForegArm, discarded son of Tabor ForegArm of the Under-Mountain

Race: Dwed (Dwarven)

Gender: Male

Title(s): Lord of Khorok County; Blacksmith

Birthplace: Under-Mountain

Date of Birth: 496 A.I.

Date of Death:

Realm: Reinen

Holdings: Khorok County

Personality Traits: Cold, Tormented, Lonely

Particular Skills: Master Blacksmith

"They call me Tulak, discarded son of Tabor Forgearm from the Under-Mountain clan. I cringe most notably as I scribe this, as recollecting the recent past has left many scars upon my grey matter that have yet to, and probably never will, heal. My once-father is a respected crafter of all things iron. I was raised, as the eldest son, to learn his trade and then work alongside him until such a time came that he could no longer create the great spark upon the anvil, and then take his place as master of the clan. A remembrance of a now dashed dream turned nightmare.
It all began, as most tragedies do, by falling in love. She was wonderful. Darsus' hair a lovely shade of red, with brown highlights (I often teased her about how they were simply a sign that the Mountain had blessed her) that she kept up in a ponytail. After we had our two beautiful daughters, she would let them swing on it as she played with them...The memory still causes me to tear up and smile at the same time....

One afternoon, we had all decided to go for a family picnic deep within the caves, near a stream that I had noticed a few weeks prior. A perfect opportunity for the Children (Maya and Griela) to get some time playing in shallow water, and for myself and Darsus to just relax from the hectic lives we were now leading and spend some quality time together. (We were still deeply in love, but children and work can take the opportunity for romance away rather quickly and unceremoniously.) When we arrived at the cave, we found a nice flat area within a few feet of the cave wall and the stream to lay out a blanket and set up the meal. After eating, and teasing Griela about how the young lad from Clan Diorite had a crush on her, we let the girls run off to play. I can still smell Darsus hair, and almost feel the tickle of her slight beard on my chest where she nestled her head, and I drifted off to sleep.

Then the scream, a scream I still hear in my sleep over and over again. It was Maya.. And it wasn't a scream of play, it was sheer terror. I scrambled for my axe, and rolled/leapt up into a dead run. On the other side of the stream there was a crack in cave wall. The girls and Darsus must have thought it would be fun to explore it.... As I got within ten feet of the crack, I felt it... the Mountain was shifting... the crack was compressing... My girls, My Darsus, would be crushed....

I ran and lept with all I had, driving my axe handle in sideways to help create a wedge support and hold the crack open just a little longer.... but as I entered the crack, I saw Darsus running towards me, Griela in hand, absolute fear in her eyes as the walls of the narrow passage were closing in faster and faster. "Hurry!" I screamed... "The axe handle is splintering!".... as she drew closer to me, I could see all hope now gone from her eyes as she flung Griela forward in my direction.... and then all of my world came to an abrupt end....

I sat there, surrounded by rubble and falling rock, the blood of my Griela pooling at my feet, and the look of lost hope on the eyes of my Darsus permanently etched within my mind... All of my reason for living, taken from me by the Mountain I had given my life to...

I left the Clan, and that damned Mountain, the very next day, never to return. Looking for a fresh start, I wandered aimlessly for several months, taking odd jobs where I could, and acclimating myself to the surface world. And here today, I find myself on the shores of the Mercurian Empire. Perhaps here, in this place, I can find peace. Start anew, and give time it's shot at healing these old wounds, and easing my painful memories."

Notable Achievements:
Established initial settlement of Khorok County in Reinen.

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