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International Rules of War Act

Definition of War

Wars are completely restricted to personnel combat (Which means trying to kill your opponent or his allies), and when absolutely necessary, military properties used specially for war. Conflict needs to be limited to the disputed areas and the attackers should be aware that independent observers will be monitoring such attacks carefully and that some may be declared as terrorism if necessary. This means you should not attack, under any circumstances, homes, major infrastructure (except to leave a small hole to slow your enemy travel), no damaging domestic factories, or even their natural landscape like forests. Consider the citizens and the lore ramifications when at war! Overtly aggressive attacks will be subject to review, and could result in legal proceedings.

Aggressive wars

Wars declared aggressively are legal as long as a declaration of war is made openly and publicly in the Judicial Court of the Imperial Parliament. If war is openly declared, the aggressor cannot be punished for their war - it is, however, then up to the aggressor to cobble together support from allies. Aggressive wars launched without strong allied support and true justification are liable to quickly attract negative opinions from the international community, leading to a surge of support for the defender.

Defensive wars

A realm attacked either through formal declaration of war or informal acts of vandalism or terrorism may issue a formal Request for Support through the Judicial Court of the Imperial Parliament. Requests for Support are generally viewed favorably by the Empire, particularly against an unprovoked aggressor.

Illegal wars

Attacking another realm or territory without making a formal declaration or war through the Judicial Court of the Imperial Parliament is considered an illegal war. An illegal war provokes strong reaction, and is, depending on circumstance, liable to be labelled a war crime and/or terrorism, a crime against the Empire which is grounds for punishments ranging from extended jail time to permanent exile (banning).

Death and/or Surrender of Combattants

If you die during a war from any cause, either natural or in combat, stop playing. A representative of the Council of the Crowned, if online, will /jail you. If no representative is online at the time, be sure to log off on the spot. Others, be sure to screenshot deaths so war participants cannot deny the death occurred legally; server logs may be reviewed is need be. The individual shall be sent to jail where they shall remain until the conclusion of the war and the signing of peace.

If you wish to surrender during war, you can do so by making a notice of surrender in the Judicial Court - you will be sent to jail for the remainder of the war.

Ending a war

Hostilities are only concluded when

a) all forces on one side have died, surrendered, or taken no actions for five (5) years, or

b) both sides resolve to sign a formal armistice or peace ending the war.

Upon the cessation of hostilities, representatives of both sides must come together to formally designate terms and sign a peace signaling the end of the war. International observers may be present to record the process of discussion and observe the conditions of peace.

War Crimes

Individuals or forces found to have committed actions in the course of warfare illegal under either the formal definition of War in the International Rules of War Act or the Mercurian Criminal Code shall be liable for trial as war criminals. Trials may take place at the discretion of the Imperial parliament, generally after the cessation of hostilities.

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Should we perhaps add in some things about lore wars, maybe including some example rules/guidelines for them?

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