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New Merchantian Uprising
596 A.I.

The New Merchantian Uprising. That was the name given to the day that will go down in the annals of history of the Grand Duchy of Reinen. A simple title which belied the enormous posivtive effects it had upon the people who called the area home; A clear turning point in the lives of the inhabitants and those who had suffered for decades.

Long had the founder and self appointed ruler in all matters concerning his domain, Raynor Wealth, lorded over the town's people. Long had he ignored their plights in favour of profits and his own personal comfort. Kept safe by his well paid guardsmen and second in command, Tysion, he was content to continue his reign of suffering and misery over the peasantry. Little did he know, his time would soon be at an end and New Merchantia would see a new, more free era begin...

The town's people had heard rumours, small inconsequential and unsubstantiated rumours that a certain service was available from one of the many bakery establishments within the larger County area around New Merchantia and nearby Koinia. A service that could 'solve' the long standing problem of Raynor Wealth in a discreet way.
A group of co-conspirators brought together by Lysion Sineb, a man whose love for his family and fellow people moved him to such action after years of suffering. The action of taking another's life.

A revolt would not work, the peasants were simply too poorly armed to put up a fight against the well fed, well trained guards omni-present in the village, they were aloof and hardly interacted with the rabble, staying in a sectioned off area of the town. There was a glimmer of hope however, a young lady had caught the eye of Tysion, the second in command, and had worked to sway him to the cause after opening his eyes to the plight of the common man.

A plan was set, and upon the morrow, it would be executed.
As day broke and the fields left untended, lumber camps remained silent and not a soul was present in the mines, the guards were on high alert, weapons forward and standing ranked in front of the governor's lavish mansion. Lysion had found his contact, and what could be scraped together from poor townspeople had better be worth the payoff, for it had not been cheap to secure their services. Glancing to the street parallel to Wealth's compound, a number of carts from out of town were parked. A small, slightly odd smiling cake was daubed on the side of the wagon.

Innocuous enough, but Lysion had been told to make sure it had reached it's destination. His attention was drawn back to his immediate surroundings as a small rock clanged off the shields of the massed guards on the steps in front of him. Great, he thought. This would not end well for anyone. As if that single pebble had let loose an avalanche of years of oppression, his fellow townspeople began hurling rocks and torches at the guards.

Their clamoring and screams of "Death to Raynor Wealth!" barely audible over the din of a full scale riot.
However the guards did not simply stand and take such punishment, they moved forward with trained discipline and began to cut down the obvious stone throwers at the front. Dozens were slaughtered, but by sheer numbers and an abundance of sharp farming tools, one unlucky guard was butchered by pitchforks after losing his footing and dragged into the mob.

Inside, Raynor was insulated from the noise mostly and with a practiced ear, simply ignored the noises of the unwashed masses as he always had, instead, tucked his napkin into his gold-embroidered collar. Tysion stood nearby, his eyes in the shade from the high summer sun. The commander folded his arms when a servant girl he had never seen before hurried in with a plate of dessert for her master, placing it on the table and bowing before running slightly too quickly out of the room. His eyes went wide for a moment and then narrowed. Realization kicked in - "Summer heat getting to you, my good man Tysion? You looked aghast for a moment", Governor Wealth heaved. Tysion masked his surprise and resumed his normal blank stare drilled into him. "Nothing sir, I thought I saw a ghost for a moment".

The tyrant simply ignored his reply after noticing his newly arrived pudding and stabbed at it with his spoon. Minutes went by and a pale sheen of sweat covered Tysion's face. He shifted in his boots. Dread poured into his mind as he knew the plan had failed at that moment. Raynor Wealth still sat in front of him still, burping loudly and licking the spoon clean. He would be found out, executed for his involvement. He should never have been swayed by that lying peasant girl. He could see it now, the gallows and his eventual painful end as his neck snapped.

A bright light suddenly flashed into his eyes, dazzled for a moment and drawn once again from a reverie, as the empty bowl caught the sunlight and was directing it into his vision.
Raynor Wealth was dead in front of him.
Spoon still clutched in his chubby hand, his life seemed to have simply evaporated. The serving girl had disappeared, and he snapped out of his surprise and his lifetime of training took over. He rushed out of the Governors residence and slammed the doors open to the courtyard. He proclaimed that the governor was dead,
and Lysion, who had been hoping for this signal, leapt in front of his towns people and threw up his hands. Reluctantly and eventually the people retreated, and the guards were commanded to put down their weapons by a furious Tysion.

Later in the week, following the transition period where the former guards were forced to work in shackles and Raynor's family was exiled, a vote for Lysion Sineb, the architect of the rebellion and hero of the people was given and he vowed to lead the people of New Merchantia to a better future.

(A HUGE thanks to Sam for editing and making this a whole lot better then it was when I wrote it! :D Once again thanks Sam!)

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Edited to include the second half which I failed to send to Lysion!

This was fun to get to write, but it was entierly based event by event from what Lysion himself wrote.

Here's to Lysion's success as the future Count of Reinen!

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