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PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 9:39 pm 
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A standard term of 6 mercannum has elapsed since the election of the previous Minister for this Ministry; therefore, as per the Cabinet Acts of the Imperial Codex, an election has been scheduled for the position of Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers.

All members of the Empire holding a noble rank (Counts, Dukes, and Kings/Queens) at the time of this announcement may declare their candidacy for the position of Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers within the following week. On January 7, one week from this announcement, this thread will be locked and a period of voting shall begin that will run for one week. All members of the Empire holding a noble rank may at this time cast a single vote for the candidate of their choice; at the conclusion of the week, on January 14, the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be elected Minister. If a single candidate runs unopposed, they shall be elected by default; if no candidate runs, the previous individual to hold the position shall retain it.

Beginning now, you may cast your candidacy for Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers. Share details of your platform, and respond to questions if asked. These are historic and vital positions within Hermertia and the community, and we look forward to seeing the election process unfold. Best of luck to all.

For Glory!

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PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 10:03 pm 
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I am formally applying for the cabinet position of Minster of Surveyors and Civil Engineering.

As one of the more hands on roles within the Imperial Ministry, this position needs someone who is not only able to put the time in, but someone who is actively passionate about the role. I certainly have the passion to do a good job as well as the spare time to back it up.

If I am successful in my application I will be looking to implement the following ideas/projects:

- I will be looking to perform a survey and review of the entire nether network. Primarily I will be looking to ensure the current nether map is kept fully up to date, but also looking for infringements on our current Nether Line standards, highlighting areas for improvement to the relevant realm leader and working with them to bring the lines up to code where necessary.

- It has been several months since we regulated for fast travel within the empire and I would like to open a discussion with the community on how we might be able to improve on our current rules and requirements for fast travel (What works, what doesn’t, what could do with tweaking?).

- I have recently made several additions and improvements to the nether map. If elected I will continue to keep the map updated with swift adjustments where needed.

- Review the current MCSE standards documentation and update it to include current fast travel standards and requirements

Thank you for you consideration

Prince Septimus Cersil, Lord of Wychwood
Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers
Warden of the North
- Recipient of the Pyrencian Good Effort Award
- 2016 Winner of the 'Medal of S'alright'
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PostPosted: January 7th, 2017, 5:58 pm 
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I will also be applying for the position of Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers.

The role requires a certain amount of activity and involvement. The Minister must be up to date on all of the most recent and current fast travel and nether infrastructure as well as prospective locations and points of conflict. I have both the time and the tools necessary to carry out the duties of this position to their fullest extent.

Being that this position also comes with a much more political side than most ministries, here are some of the issues that I feel are important.

- Fast travel points that loosely meet the minimum requirements can and will be rejected and told where they need to improve before reapplying.

- Certain nether lines and sections of nether lines have been considered fine and marked as official safe lines for far too long. Such areas will have their official line status removed until they can meet the official standards.

- I do hold a very conservative view on the fast travel points. Under myself, very few, if any, fast travel points that fall outside of the traditional guidelines/rules will be approved.

- Unlike my opponent Septimus, I don't think there is a major problem with any of the guidelines but the solution to some of the problems that people have been talking about come down to the Minister and their opinions on the matter. Changing the guidelines may help, but in the end the Minister has the final say regardless of what requirements are met.

- Will organize the forum so that the MSCE standards are easily viewable and accessible.

- Will remove cursor from the official nether map.

Vote for the change that you want to see.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lord Siden Rua of Fichina
House of Rua
Imperial Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers

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