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 Post subject: Nicholas's Lament
PostPosted: December 4th, 2016, 5:12 pm 
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Voted That Bill Down

I was reading through the unread posts
And a bill pops up I see and says it’s a plugin mob-proofing thing
"Be safer, no monsters"
Man, I'm not gonna let you mod me

I vetoed that bill down!
You must think I'm a joke
I ain't gonna be part of your system
Man! Use that plugin on another man’s server.

I talk to my favorite comrade Mark
And the dude says, “End Portals are too sparse! Let’s spawn them in.”
I said, "Man! What do I look like? A vanilla hater?"

I took it and voted that bill down!
I don't need your shortcuts!
I’m an adult!
You can't cheapen vanilla, man!

Playing on Hermertia with my so-called online friends
They show me a new mod, says it's for lore
Man, this ain't Ark!
This is Hermertia!

I voted that bill down!
What, you think I'm stupid?
I'm not a part of your system
This server don’t use mods!

Some poser wants to limit fire spread to protect their builds
Whatcha want me to do with this? Pass it?

Happy birthday to the ground!
I vetoed the rest of their proposals, too!
Welcome to survival, jackass!

So many mods; I vote them all down
Like this, and this, and that, and even this
I'm an ADULT!

Two Valyrian phonies try to rewrite mob-proofing laws
Nobody wants your plugins, phonies!

Then the two phonies replied
Turned out they had majority
And they passed the law anyway

Fell to the ground
My veto didn’t have support
Passin’ new plugins over and over

I was saddened and lamentin’
Our ethos was on fire
The moral of the story is

You can't trust the Council!


Wysterian Labourer's Council
Currently Holding Stewardship of Wysteria

Minister for Applications and Settlement
Forums Administrator

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