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 Post subject: The Code of Casadia
PostPosted: January 30th, 2017, 8:57 pm 
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The Oath of Casadia
It is by great tragedy that our people have come to this place. We gathered here have been forced from our homes by great forces of chaos, whether it be the Horde or greed and envy. Chaos has marshalled its armies and shown its strength. So too must we marshall ourselves to defeat this enemy. We crossed the Great Sea to safety, but our enemy will surely follow us. We must be ready. The old lords lack the strength of will to commit to this fight. It falls to us, brothers and sisters of Alterra, to stand together as warriors of order.

Long have servants of the Fire stood for order and peace. Many of us already follow this path. If we are to hold back our enemy, we must embrace the strength and fortitude the Fire grants us. We must swear ourselves to it so our hearts will burn with a common flame to keep out the darkness. Without a light in the dark, we are lost.

All who rally to this common cause shall swear an oath of loyalty, not to lords or kings, but to civilization. We shall swear to defend every man, woman, and child from the darkness. We shall swear to find strength in others of all creeds, so that one day we might all fight as brothers of one tribe. We shall swear to pursue peace, order, and justice in all facets of their life. It is with this oath that we shall endure the onslaught of chaos.

The Duties of Casadia
The politics and laws of the old world led to its destruction. We have now that opportunity to start anew with laws that shall strengthen us in the face of chaos. Yet to call them laws is to label them falsely. We are not forced to obey, we willingly choose to abide by these rules and ideas. They are not laws to bind us, they are duties to guide us.

1. We are all of one tribe. No man shall be judged by his origins.
2. We are each our own. Each shall be judged by their worth. No man shall be judged by the sins of another.
3. Every man is equal. No man holds right to rule over another. All may speak and think freely.
4. Every child is equal. Inheritance shall be split equally amongst all children.
5. All land is open. A man may own what he has built, but not the ground on which it rests.
6. All have a duty to have the strength to defend their tribe.
7. Those that sow chaos through theft of property or health shall be banished. Those that return shall perish.

The Wisdom of Elders
The words of wise men echo true throughout the ages. Through the study of our histories and heros, a single man can hold the knowledge of thousands. We preserve the greatest of these lessons here so that we might learn from them.

1. “A man is defined by his own strength.”

2. “A selfless man is a respected man.”

3. “One who pursues a crown must never bear it.”

4. “Many trees in a forest, many stones in a wall.”

5. “Make for your brother what you wish for yourself.”

6. “Darkness is only defeated by light.”

7. “Anger and fear are the fuel of lesser fires.”

8. “A seed today is tomorrow’s fruit.”

9. “Wield the fire as if you are the last torchbearer.”

10. “An uneducated man has the knowledge of one, a learned man a thousand.”

Guardian of Casadia
Master of the Slayers Guild
Minister of Hermertian History

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