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PostPosted: January 29th, 2017, 6:54 am 
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Guardian Cerydon

Now that I have regained control of Pyrencia, I must turn my eyes outwards towards the Empire as a whole. I have become increasingly aware of the growing tension between Ostlaed and the rest of the Empire, and, while I don't believe there is much I can do about it yet, I wish to take precautions in case of some drastic event. To this end I would like to request permission and assistance to station several groups of Pyrencian soldiers in Casadia for the near term.

The soldiers themselves will have orders to spend much time patrolling the waters of the Imperial Sea, trying to keep the peace and prevent hostilities from breaking out, but they will need somewhere to operate out of, as Pyrencia is much further away from that part of the Empire. Our soldiers fought together during my civil war, and we have no wish to see the nations of the east brought into an inter-realm war.

I had this letter brought to you by way of one of my opereatives in the east, if you have a response to send he will remain in Casadia for a few days. While there is nothing inherently aggressive about my request, if word of it were to reach mark I fear he might have a less the passive response.

Sidre Vol'tanhael
King Erastil, the Hydra

By the will of Azarn
-King of Pyrencia
-The Hydra
For a full list of titles, please see enclosed document.

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PostPosted: January 29th, 2017, 3:46 pm 
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To King Erastil,

I share your concern regarding Östlaed's posture. With the recent naval conflict between Östron and Valyrian ships, it is vitally important that the security of the seas are maintained. To that end, I shall allow the stationing of Pyrencian soldiers and ships in Secara. They may make use of the docks as needed. Should your forces require any additional supplies, they shall be provided.

Alas that the days have come to this. I shall still hope for peace, but prepare for war. I fear the Ealdorman will present us with no choice.

I hope this letter reaches you in good health,

Guardian of Casadia

Guardian of Casadia
Master of the Slayers Guild
Minister of Hermertian History

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