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PostPosted: December 1st, 2015, 9:36 pm 
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Year 459 of the Emperor, Phoenix 00|05, sixth year

The sun rose over the hills of Carrickshire as hooves pounded the earth, the white horse riding with all it's speed, the armour upon it's back stained red with blood. Upon its back rode Ferris, gripping one arm to conceal a gash and trying to remain upright.

Together, they thundered back into Tremaine where Gildos met them at the stables.

"What happened?"

"We were ambushed," Ferris yelled as he dismounted, stilling gripping his blood-stained shirt. "Six guards I had with me, six!"

"Who was behind this attack?" Gildos asked. Ferris reached for one of the saddlebags and let it drop at the priest's feet, a bundle of round, black orbs falling from the leather pouch.

"Endermen." He said simply. "Send word to Murtagh; he needs to get back to Glas Claddach at once. The road is no longer safe; I'm heading to Strathceard via the netherlines."

"your arm..." Gildos began, but Ferris cut him off.

"Is nothing if this persists. I need to meet with Duchess Samaia and the government in Strathceard about Scrios' death, and I need to find out what is happening with these endermen. Send word to all our settlements; a curfew is to be enforced until this threat has passed." He explained as an aid tore his shirt to expose the wound and bind it in clean bandages. "Get new armour for my horse! And get me a dozen soldiers, saddled and ready at once!" One of the stable boys hurried to the barracks while another removed the saddle from his steed.

"The horse needs to rest, Ferris," Gildos objected.

"It can rest when it's dead," he said through gritted teeth and the aid bandaged his arm. "We all can."

Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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PostPosted: January 5th, 2016, 7:58 pm 
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Year 466 of the Emperor, Phoenix 00|07, first year

The cool summer's breeze mixed with the salt of the sea spray as Ferris stepped down the steps in Hellasburg upon a hazel steed. As he reached the foot of the steps a small party approached, among them the Duchess Asredai resplendent in an emerald dress. He dismounted, as did his guard, and bowed.

"M'Lady," He offered as she bowed her head in return. "It is an honour to be invited here by nobility such as yourself. I have heard nothing but the grace of your rule since you ascended."

"You flatter me," She smiled. "I did not expect such a swift response, I must admit."

"We have many craftsmen in Perth ready at all times," Ferris explained. "Each specializing in varying projects. There have been few docks being built in Perth recently, so our specialist builders have been unoccupied, however I expect that to change in the coming mercanna."

"Oh, is there more growth to be expected within Perth?" Asredai asked.

"Always," Ferris smiled. Asredai let out a polite laugh as she motioned for him to follow. He handed the reigns of his horse to a waiting stable boy and then followed, removing his riding gloves as he walked. They passed around the stable and into view of the great lighthouse overlooking the stony bay.

"So this is the port of Hellasburg," Ferris nodded.

"It soon will be." She nodded. "My builders are not as skilled in crafting such structures upon the water, however Duchess Samaia highly recommended the Perthian builders." She nodded. "I am surprised you came all this way, however Duke. Is it not inconvenient?" Ferris was silent for a moment.

"Inconvenient is not a word I would use to describe anything in my life at the moment," Ferris replied honestly. "To be honest, I was rather relieved to get away from Tremaine for a bit."

"But your darling wife..." she trailed off as Ferris continued to stare into the middle distance. His mind flashed back to three weeks prior, the blood on the bed sheet, the tears and the shouting after the third failed pregnancy.

"She is well enough," he surmised at last, not willing to state anything further. An awkward silence fell before Asredai turned and indicated one of the houses in the town.

"Beds have been set up for you and your men. Food has been supplied and you have a dozen servants ready to assist however possible. I trust you will want to rest after your travel." She explained, her tone still warm and welcoming.

"That would be appreciated, thank you." Ferris nodded, then indicated for the men to head for the building. "If you don't mind, Duchess, I would like to look at the plans for the build myself. I feel work to be very therapeutic."

"Certainly, this way." Asredai smiled and led the way.


After three days of discussion between Asredai, Ferris, and the various builders between both Hellasburg and Perth, one thing was very clear; the Head builder in Hellasburg, a man named Burt, did not at all like the Perthian builder Fellas. However, a blueprint had been drawn up and they were ready to begin work. The stone hill between the current ports and the bay area was to be excavated and a tunnel dug connecting the two areas. Then the docks would be built along the west cost of the bay and a staircase dug into the hill leading up to the town itself. Then a path would be dug into the side of the hill leading to a bridge across the river to the small island where a rounded docking area would be built.

Construction began the following day, and with the Perthian builder's added numbers it did not take long. Within a week the tunnel was completed and the finishing touches were being added by the Hellasburg stonemasons, of whom Ferris held a deep respect for their skill. As the workers began preparing the western coast for construction Ferris approached Asredai on the pavilion overlooking the bay.

"Duke," She smiled as she approached. "Our workers are setting the first beams of the new docks."

"Excellent," Ferris nodded. "That dock will be built in now time. However, I am afraid I must depart."

"So soon?" Asredai asked.

"Aye," Ferris nodded. "The dock builders can remain here for another year until you are satisfied the work has been completed, then I will need them back. I have to return to Tremaine now to ensure the city hasn't burned itself to the ground by now." Asredai laughed, a musical note to her voice Ferris never tired to hearing. The Pyrencian was truly a deity in human form, there was no denying that.

"Very well. Before you go, as thanks for your effort here, please accept a gift from me." She led him back into town and into one of the storehouses were she revealed a set of golden horse armour. Ferris gasped slightly.

"I have not seen a set like this since..." he trailed off, remembering his father's horse from so many years ago.

"It is yours," She declared.

"I cannot," Ferris shook his head.

"But you must, you have helped immeasurably." Asredai insisted.

"It's too much," Ferris objected.

"It is a gesture of my friendship to you," She pressed. "Please, take it." A moment passed.

"Thank you." He accepted at last.


Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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PostPosted: January 23rd, 2016, 11:47 pm 
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Year 470 of the Emperor, Phoenix 00|07, fifth year

The calm evening air rolled over the hills of Southern Perth as the last caravans rolled over the cobblestone roads and across the bridges into the city of Tremaine. The sun was just touching the horizon when the order came to close the gates for the night. Across the city, the six gatehouses allowing access within the city walls clanged with thunderous chains as the portcullis' dropped into place, sealing the gates shut. Across the water, the gates to the castle also slammed shut as the night watch took patrol over the walls. Deep within the castle itself, Ferris stood overlooking the map of Carrickshire, several small wooden figures covering its surface. Opposite him stood his brother Gildos and Helori, Murtagh's eldest son. Now at sixteen, the young man had been sent to Tremaine to learn a higher form of governing from his uncle. As the last rays of sunlight faded through the glass window, Gildos pointed at the southern border of Perth.

"An army that close to the border will raise questions. Kaine is only a few leagues east of this point we need to be careful so as to ensure this is not considered an act of war.

"They can dress it up however they like," Ferris said, his temper rising as he swept a hand over the southern planes of Carrickshire. "Endermen numbers are increasing in the south. We've had to halt production of our border forts and with the occurrence of these creeper mines in the east our options are becoming more and more limited."

"I understand, but we need to treat this matter with delicacy." Gildos repeated.

"Delicacy?" Ferris asked, staring his brother in the eye. "The time for delicacy has come and gone. If you'd brought these concerns to me sooner perhaps we could have stopped this threat before it became this widespread."

"I had no reason to believe the information was pertinent..."

"You had no reason to tell me about a horde of Endermen roaming the Perth countryside?" Ferris yelled. "Now I have refugees fleeing their homes! Farms are being pillaged, bandits are raiding just to keep themselves alive and outrun the bastards!" He pointed a finger at Gildos. "Perhaps you've forgotten the casualties we've already lost to the endermen?"

"Of course I have not," Gildos reasoned. "I'm sorry I kept this from you. Please let me help you fix it."

"You can help me by staying here and looking after Helori," Ferris said swiftly. "I'm taking the fourth division down to Mount Foliantos and I'm going to secure my Duchy."

"Let me go with you," Helori said swiftly. "I can help."

"You won't help us in a battle," Ferris said bluntly. "You have a brain, stay here where you can use it. Keep my city running until I return."

"Please brother, this is madness you should not..."

"It was madness to keep this information from me!" Ferris yelled. Just then there was a sound or running footsteps, raised voices, and the door to the office flew open. A flushed hand maiden rushed in, her cheeks glowing and her bonnet askew.

"Pardon me m'lord, it's the mistress,"

"What is it, what's happened?" He asked harshly.

"The doctor's been called. There's a lot of blood." She panted, breathless. Ferris pushed past her as Gildos hurried to follow. Helori hurried to follow but the hand maiden pulled him back, insisting her walk with her. The two brothers rushed up the stone steps, taking them two at a time until they emerged into Rosaly's bed chamber at the top of the north tower. Three maids stood around the bed, one holding a wet cloth to her forehead and holding her hand, while another handed towels to Doctor Argyle, who sat at the end of the bed in sheets painted red with blood. Ferris hurried forward to her side, taking her hand.

"They're gone, Ferris," She breathed, her face soaked with sweat. "They're gone again..." He gripped her hand, her fingers weakly clinging to him, as he turned to the doctor.

"I know this is difficult, but the baby is still in there," he said sternly. "We need to get it out now. I need you to push."

"Rosaly, come on now," Ferris breathed, lifting her up.

"I can't."

"You need to. Push now, push,"


The doctor stood by the wash basin, his hands shaking as he rubbed them in the already crimson water. He reached for a bottle of alcohol, but Ferris was by his side.

"Please my lord," he began, but Ferris cut him off.

"What went wrong?"

"It's impossible to say."

"But we were doing well, weren't we? We did everything right! We followed your diet, we used your medicines. What's stopping this?"

"She held the child almost to term," Argyle confirmed as he poured alcohol over his trembling fingers. "But I can't be certain what caused the issue."

"But she can bear children, can't she?" Ferris asked.

"I can't see why not..."

"Then why have we still not had one?" He yelled. Behind them, the exhausted sobbing intensified as Rosaly bent over the tiny bundle of towels in her arms. The doctor took a deep breath, releasing it slowly as he padded his hands with a towel.

"I don't know why none of your children have survived," He said at last. "But I do know this; if she falls pregnant once more, it is unlikely she will survive the ordeal."


"Your blood pressure has returned to normal," Doctor Argyle explained, placing his equipment carefully in his bag and closing it. "Your heart rate is stabilized, your recovery is coming along excellently," He smiled at Rosaly, who smiled weakly in return. "You've fought valiantly." He commended her.

"Thank you Doctor," She nodded. "Do you know when we will next be ready to try again?" The doctor paused for a moment, then turned to her fully.

"It would be unwise to try again," he said at last.

"Well, I don't mean right away," she smiled, "I mean in a few months or so, when I'm feeling a little stronger," The doctor nodded.

"Yes, as did I," he stared intently at her. "Your body has gone through a tremendous strain, and not just this once. With you as my patient I have had to witness five still births from you. I do not know what is causing them but I must insist you do not try again,"

"But...but you said I was getting better," she said, confused, "You said I was recovering."

"From this ordeal, yes," Argyle nodded. "But I cannot be certain you would survive another term,"

"But you don't know that I wouldn't."

"It is unlikely," He warned. "I would advised you to forget this matter. Sometimes things simply are not supposed to be." She stared at him for a long moment, her eyes filled with something he could not identify. Finally she looked away, then shook her head.

"I am the Duchess of Tremaine." she said calmly. "The wife of Ferris, house of Felandrison. That name cannot end now."

"You are a woman," Argyle said, standing over her and gripped her shoulders. "Who has been through a terrible ordeal," he continued as he pushed her against the bed, forcing her to lie down. "Not once, not twice, but five times over."

"Ferris needs a son." She argued.

"You need your rest!" He retorted. "If you get pregnant once more you'll only be putting both yourself and the child in even greater danger. You will die." He spoke sternly, his eyes locked on hers. Slowly, she lifted her hands to his and pulled them free of her, then sat up, her eyes still fixed on his.

"He is my husband," she said calmly. "And I will not fail him." The doctor stared at her for a moment longer, then sighed heavily and stood.

"I will not help you kill yourself." he said simply. "I will not be here to deliver another dead child."


The door opened into Doctor Argyle's office and he looked up to see Ferris march into the room, closing the door behind him. He did not speak, only stood beside a cabinet, examining a conical flask containing a green solution.

"Duke Felandrison," The doctor acknowledged. "Is there something I can help you with."

"I hope so." he continued to frown at the conical flask, then drew a piece of parchment from his coat pocket and placed it carefully on the table. Argyle read the paper swiftly, then looked up.

"You want to conscript me."

"You're the best doctor in Tremaine," Ferris replied simply. "I'm marching to the south with an army to wipe out the Endermen threat on our border. The movement requires more soldiers than Tremaine has right now, however we cannot wait for reinforcements."

"So your using random conscription," Argyle concluded for him. "My name was drawn." Ferris nodded.

"There were several noblemen and generals present when your name came up. I couldn't stop it from happening." Ferris explained. "Your patients would be seen to by other medical professionals in the city..."

"Including Lady Rosaly," Argyle said slowly. Ferris nodded. Silence fell, then Argyle made to reach for a pen. Before he could pick it up, Ferris strode forward and drew the parchment back from the table.

"Duke, that paper requires my signature before I can join the forces," Ferris nodded.

"'s a shame you're not here to sign it." Ferris said simply. Argyle frowned. "I came here to get the papers signed, however I found your office empty. Your receptionist told me you had been called away to a settlement on the other side of Aberdeene Loche on urgent business." He explained. "Your receptionist will swear to this as my guards have witnessed it as well..." Argyle raised an eyebrow.

"You want me to remain within the castle to look after Lady Rosaly." Ferris nodded.

"The army marches tomorrow at dawn. Your business will keep you occupied for at least two weeks and is in a remote settlement; we would not be able to contact you in time." Argyle nodded.

"Very well. My other patients will be seen to, yes?"

"All of them," Ferris nodded. Argyle stood then.

"I think I should get going then." He reached for his bag but Ferris held out a hand.

"There is...something else." Silence fell between them as Ferris fiddled with the parchment in his hands. "Two months ago, when...when we lost the last told me Rosaly would die if she were to get pregnant again. Is that correct." Argyle nodded.

"It is." Ferris' lips thinned.

"She...she is persuasive." he admitted at last. "And determined. She wants another child."

"If you give in to her, she will die." Argyle said quietly. Ferris nodded.

"But if I don't I risk losing her anyway." he said, his voice also low. "IS there...among these bottles and there anything that I could use to..." his voice trailed off. Argyle took a deep breath, then nodded as he walked to a cabinet and drew a vial. He handed it to Ferris who opened it to see a thick paste inside.

"Smear it over yourself beforehand." He advised. "It is odorless so try to keep her hands away."

"What is it?"

"A spermicide. She will not get pregnant again if you use this." Argyle explained. Ferris nodded, then pocketed the vial.


The sun rose as Rosaly opened her eyes. She sighed contentedly as she rolled over to see Ferris standing before the window, the set of iron armour upon the stands before him, the sun showing through the window over his defined figure. She made to stand when Ferris reached forward and lifted the greaves, examining them, then began to strap the armour onto his limbs. She watched him dress, not moving until he lifted the helmet, the last piece of metal before him, then he turned to her.

"I must go." He explained. She nodded.

"I know." Silence fell as he stepped forward. Their fingers touched as they stared at each other.

"I love you,"

"And you," she replied. There was something unspoken between them, a rift unlike anything before. Last night, for the first time in years, they had been on the same side. After so many failed pregnancies, Rosaly was worried she was losing him, but then last night was...something different. And now this silence, this barricade of unspoken things. She had not told him of the doctor's words, and unknown to her Ferris had used the vial given by him. The weight of such unspoken truths dragged at their heels, crushing their hearts until it hurt to breathe. Finally Ferris drew his hand back and turned swiftly, not looking back as he hurried down the stairs. In the silence that followed Rosaly placed a hand on her stomach, a single tear rolling down her face.


Rosaly lowered the book as Gildos opened the trap door to her tower and climbed the last few steps. She smiled as she saw him, but his grim expression quickly sobered her.

"What is it? What's happened?" She asked. Gildos stepped closer, sitting on the edge of the bed as he searched for the right words.

"I've received word from the First Division." he said quietly. Rosaly placed the book on the table beside her and sat up, placing a hand on his atop the sheets. "I'm afraid the news is dire. Ferris has been killed." The words hung in the air. It did not seem real, and yet Rosaly knew it was true.


"The general says he was supporting the right flank as they charged the town of Sommerton. It's unclear what happened after that." Rosaly's gaze drifting into the middle distance as Gildos placed a hand on her shoulder. Her hand instantly flew up over his, holding it in place. She swallowed, tears brimming her eyes.

"I'm so..." He broke off as she leapt forward, pulled him into a tight hug. Her chest heaved as she sobbed into his shoulder. He pulled her closer and held her steady for a long moment. She sniffed as she looked up, her eyes meeting his only inches apart. A primal desire rose within them both as Rosaly leaned toward him. Their lips touched as they both accepted their sorrow and yearning.

Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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Year 471 of the Emperor, Phoenix 00|07, sixth year

Eight months past, the great battle against the Enderman threat had claimed the life of Duke Ferris. Since then Tremaine had trundled on in spite of mourning. The young Helori had remained with his uncle to govern the city as best he could, but with powerful nobles attempting to fill the void of power for themselves, the young man was hard pressed to keep them under control. Then came the news from Doctor Argyle, the young Duchess had fallen pregnant again.

In the uproar that followed, Geoffrey Carnoustie, the eldest man in the Carnoustie house, moved to Tremaine under pretense of assisting their old allies the house of Felandrison in maintaining order. With Geoffrey by his side, Helori was able to regain control of the city before being called to the north tower late one evening.

He burst into the highest room just as Rosaly let out a scream of agony. Geoffrey was there, with his young son Brandon, only three summers old, as well as three handmaidens, Doctor Argyle, and Gildos. Gildos knelt beside the crying woman as Geoffrey looked on, a frown across his face.

"How is she?" He asked the older man, standing by his side.

"Not well," Geoffrey replied quietly. "There's a lot of blood, and it doesn't look good for either of them." Helori's face turned ashen as Argyle yelled for Rosaly to push once more. Her scream made Helori's bowels twist in discomfort. There was a cry of pain, the scream of a babe, and Argyle stood swiftly, a tiny form wrapped in bloody swathes in his arms. One of the handmaidens cut the cord and wrapped the babe in towels before presenting them to the exhausted woman. Helori stepped forward as the maiden held the child before her. Her arms did not rise to greet the child, nor did she make any motion to notice the child, save a small smile, and a contented sigh.

"It is a girl." Argyle said quietly.

"Is she healthy?" Rosaly breathed so quietly only Helori and Gildos could hear her.

"Yes," Gildos said swiftly. "A healthy, beautiful baby girl." Her lips closed and there was another sigh as her head fell back onto her pillow. "Rosaly?" Gildos breathed. The child let out a wail and the handmaiden withdrew it as Argyle stepped forward, placing a hand on the mother's forehead, then beneath her nose. He placed a hand on her shoulder as he felt no breath from her nostrils.

"She can't be..." Gildos breathed.

"The trauma was too much," Argyle said quietly, standing and taking the child back from the handmaiden. "I told her I would not deliver another dead child in this room, and she made sure I was only cost her her life." He rest the child on the sheets and checked her as Gildos continued to hold Rosaly's hand, tears streaming down his face.

"How is the child?" Geoffrey asked, licking his dry lips.

"It is too soon to say. I'll need to keep a close eye on her over the next few days. Can we secure a room in the lower levels for her?"

"I'll see to it," Geoffrey nodded. "Helori, take Brandon downstairs for me, I'll see to Gildos." Helori nodded and took the toddler's hand, walking him down the stone steps again. They went to Helori's office where Helori told the young child a story of the late King Scrios and his battle against insane odds to save Duchess Samaia from a horde of Blazes. The child soon fell asleep in the armchair before Geoffrey walked in.

"What's the news?" Helori asked.

"The child is safe." Geoffrey explained. "Gildos has been sent to his quarters, he was very upset after you left."

"What will we do?" Helori asked, running a hand through his hair. "Rosaly dead, a newborn baby, orphaned in the castle!"

"You are the man of House Felandrison here," Geoffrey said simply, "You are teh one that must decide."

"What about Gildos? He..."

"Gildos is a priest." Geoffrey interrupted him. "And to be frank he's been a pretty poor priest. When one joins the church one is supposed to surrender all attachments to family, yet Gildos has remained in Tremaine, a close adviser to his brother and even run errands for House Felandrison. The only rule of priesthood he didn't break was taking a wife!" Geoffrey shook his head. "No, Gildos cannot make this decision. It is up to you; what is to happen with the child? And more importantly, with the Duchy? Ferris left no other heirs. The only men who could claim the title now are you and your father and he isn't here." Helori placed a hand over his face as he thought swiftly over the implications of the man's words.

"What would you do?" He asked at last. Geoffrey sat silently for a moment.

"First I would send word to Glas Claddach, your family should know of these events." He began. "I would not await a reply, however. Once the nobles hear of this they will demand action be taken to assume control and if you wait one of them could take the duchy for themselves."

"So what do I do?" Helori asked.

"You do not have the standing to make a claim for the duke ship yourself, not without support from both our houses." Geoffrey explained. "However, the child is still alive, and she is the legitimate heir to Ferris' title. I would name her Duchess, and until she comes of age you shall act as viceroy. You would govern Tremaine and Carrickshire until the rightful heir is able to assume control."

"You think I could?" Helori asked. Geoffrey paused, sucking in a breath between his teeth.

"No, not alone." He shook his head. "I would suggest you arrange a treaty between the House of Felandrison and the other nobles. In...a wedding, say," he began.

"I would marry into their family?" He asked.

"Not just you," Geoffrey continued, his voice becoming more animated. "The child too. She's only a baby now, but when she's older she will need a man her, a man from a wealthy family who could legitimize her claim to the title Duchess."

"Who would agree to such a distant marriage?" Helori asked. "That would be in...fourteen, fifteen years at least!" Geoffrey nodded slowly, then his eyes wondered to the sleeping toddler at the desk. Helori followed his gaze. "Would you..." He began, then paused, consolidating his thoughts. "Would you agree to marry your son to her, when they are of age?" Geoffrey took a deep breath, his face impassible as he surveyed the room, apparently deep in thought.

"Yes, I can see your reasoning," He nodded at last. "A wealthy family like the Carnousties could offer her a lot of support and help secure her hold in Carrickshire." He smiled. "I would be delighted to help my old allies once more." Helori smiled. "Now, the girl will marry Brandon, but what of yourself. You should also marry to secure your power here in the coming years."

"Do you have a daughter?" Helori asked, his voice trailing off.

"No, no, no," Geoffrey shook his head. "She cannot be from my family! The Carnousties do not have any presence here! You need a bride in Tremaine, a daughter of a powerful nobleman to cement the alliance between your family and the houses of Tremaine."

"Right, sorry." Helori nodded. "Okay...I don't know who has a daughter!"

"So have them present them to you." Geoffrey explained with all the tediousness of extracting teeth from a rabid fox. "Tomorrow morning news of Rosaly's death will begin to spread, as will news of her daughter. We need to be respectful of the dead, yet also there is new life and this should be celebrated. We should have a ball to celebrate the young one's birth. You will announce that at the ball you shall be seeking a maiden whose hand in marriage you shall take while you assume control of the Duchy."

"Will they go for it?" He asked.

"We will need them to." Geoffrey nodded. "They may require some persuasion...we'll write up a list of the riches you could offer her family. I will support you of course. For now there is only one matter left that we must discuss."

"What is that?" Helori asked. Geoffrey smiled.

"A name."


Gildos stepped forward into the hall of the chapel, bowing before the altar and then walking to the side to take his place with the other two priests as Father McLoghlin took the service. His mind wandered and he did not pay much attention to the rhetoric being spouted before him. As the service closed, McLoghlin called him to follow. Gildos followed wordlessly as they stepped beneath the chapel into the offices of the church. MclOughlin closed the door behind them and they both seated themselves.

"I realize the events of this past year have been hard on you," you high priest began. "Losing your brother, his wife, all in such a short period of time. It is out of respect for your loss that I have waited until now for this meeting." He paused.

"Now that the child has been named, Morganna, after her grandmother, and the young Helori has chosen Rhonda Temril as his bride, it seems the nobles have accepted these compromises and are calming down once more."

"Aye, it would seem," Gildos nodded.

"With things returning to normal here, it is time we discussed your performance in these events." Gildos blinked several times.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"When you first came here as a child you asked for sanctuary," the priest began. "We granted it without question, and then, following the death of your father, you decided to join teh priesthood. Again we embraced you without any questions. However, when you joined the priesthood you swore our oaths and you promised yourself to us, and us alone.

"Since then we have recorded your activities outside the church. Your many incursions to Glas Claddach, your travelling to Dawnstar, Hellasburg, Wysteria, on political missions without consulting the church first." Gildos began to speak, but the High Priest slammed his fist on the table. "You will not speak. You will not object. You will listen and accept my words as truth." He spoke with all the authority of fate itself and his tone condemned the man before him. Gildos shrank within himself, closing his mouth as he sat back, watching silently.

"Your family affairs," McLoughlin continued. "Are just that, your families, not yours. A priest is married to the Great Creeper, no one else. There is no other brotherhood but your fellow priests. We take no wives, claim no titles, hold no lands. Yet you stand beside your brothers. You claim their titles as your own, you cling to your family name, you hold quarters within their castles, trinkets and treasures not yours to own. And more recently, there are even claims you have fathered a child." His voice was cam and collected throughout, but the accusation stung terribly. "Is this true?"

"Father, please..."

"Do not plea!" He yelled, his voice booming across the room and he leaned over the table, his eye wide with fury. "You have sinned! You have lied, you have cheated! You are corrupt sir! Do not taint your words with another lie! Tell me the truth! Is Morganna your daughter?" Silence fell again. Gildos looked at his hands, his fingers trembling as he tried to steady himself.

"Yes," He breathed, a tear falling from his face. "Yes...she is. Ferris told me of the spermicide Doctor Argyle gave to him to protect Rosaly. I thought she was still safe from it..." His lower lips trembled. "I had a moment of weakness...and I am sorry. Please father forgive me these trespasses! Let me atone! I am a tortured man!" He fell from the chair, his knees striking the stone floor as he bowed before the high priest. "I am at your mercy." Father McLoughlin took a deep breath and released it slowly.

"It is not my mercy you are at, but the God's." He said calmly. "Your activities have not gone unnoticed. The church needs to take action and now seems as good a time as any. You are to be assigned to a temple in Floggen. You will be working with the highest of our order and you will be expected to follow our laws. There will be no contact to your family from this point on. It is this or you leave the brotherhood." Gildos took a steadying breath. The opportunity he was being offered was true redemption, yet the thought of leaving his family, it was a prospect he had been running from his entire life. Finally he bowed his head again.

"I will go to Floggen."


Helori stood in the chapel, the seat full and the upper levels with many wide-eyed observers as the young woman stepped in through the double doors, dressed in flowing white, a bundle of white tulips and sunflowers forming the bouquet in her hands, the sunflowers a symbol of her house. As she approached the altar, Helori was able to see her face, the face he had fallen for only two week ago at the ball. She was beautiful, and he was shocked he had not met her before this. He took her hand and together they stepped up toward the High Priest, Father McLoughlin, who opened his book and began the ceremony.

Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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Carrickshire has suffered multiple crushing blows in recent times, it's effects will be long and lasting. I hope the plan to unite the two houses achieves its goal and keeps the rulership in Tremaine steady. Turbulent times.

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Lord Helori, I was saddened to hear of Duke Ferris, then Duchess Rosaly's passing. Please rest assured that the alliance between House O'Kleefe and House Felandrisson are, as far as I am concerned, as strong as ever. Know that you can count on my support while you oversee Carrickshire's affairs.

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