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A brief history of the House of Felandrison

The following is a brief history of the House of Felandrison up to the Year 580 of the Emperor.

The house dates back to the end of the fourth century. Felandris, it's founder, was born in the Ilminite Coast, a town called Gu H'ard Carraig in 387YoE. we know that Felandris grew up in Innean after his family's home at Gu H'ard Carriag was destroyed when he was only a young boy. He started his career as a stone mason and was instrumental in founding the city of Glas Claddach circa. 390YoE. One of the earliest records still remaining is a letter dated in Year 405 of the Emperor from Felandris to his Uncle Robert in Innean, an invitation to the marriage of Felandris to Morganna in Glas Claddach.

Followng their marriage, Felandris and his wife Morganna had four children who went on to form the foundations of the extensive House of Felandrison. A complete family tree has been documented below:

Edit: family tree added

Felandris went on to build the city of Tremaine and was rewarded with the surrounding lands and named Duke of Carrickshire. His eldest son went on to govern Glas Claddach and with Felandris' death in 442YoE his third son Ferris became Duke of Carrickshire. It is believed by many that the cause of Duke Felandris' death was not entirely natural. In the years prior to his death, it is understood that Morganna had taken her children away from Tremaine and the circumstances of their separation were less than amiable.

In the weeks leading up to Felandris' death, he forcibly removed his middle son, Gildos, from Morganna's care and took his back to Tremaine. in retaliation, Murtagh took the soldiers of Glas Claddach to Tremaine and laid siege to the city. The siege was only broken when the duke was found dead in his bed chamber and the city's nobles saw fit to allow his son to bury the duke. King Scrios III attended the funeral and appointed Felandris' youngest son, Ferris, as the new Duke of Carrickshire.

Under Duke Ferris, Carrickshire continued to grow. Murtagh remained governor of Glas Claddach, Ula, their sister, married into the Carnoustie family and lived in Dunn, and Gildos, the middle brother, joined the priesthood of the Church of the Creeper. Ferris went on to strengthen international ties and even married a woman from Wysteria, Rosaly. The two lived together in Tremaine until tragedy struck in the 460's YoE when war came to the Empire.

This was the period when the Enderman presence within the Empire rose to an all time high and several nations drew together in the end to defeat the foe in the first venture into 'The End.' Prior to this final conflict, Duke Ferris lost his life fighting the Enderman enemies in southern Carrickshire in 470YoE. In this same year, Rosaly gave birth to a daughter, Morganna, before she died from the effort of childbirth.

Morganna was the rightful heir to the Duchy of Carrickshire, but as an infant she was not suitable to assume control, so the governance of the City and surrounding lands fell to Murtagh's eldest son, Helori, who assumed the title of Viceroy of Tremaine. He continue Ferris' struggle agaisnt the Enderman threat and took part in the assault on the End in 480YoE, where he was tragically killed. His armour was recovered and still stands within the throne room in the castle of Tremaine opposite Ferris'.

Control of Carrickshire at this point fell to the young Morganna. At only ten years old she was not experience enough to govern, so she relied heavily on the assistance on an ancient friend of the House of Felandrison, the House of Carnoustie. Lord Geoffrey took it upon himself to care for the child and to govern the city until she came of age. Under his instruction, the young Morganna at the age of seventeen married Geoffrey's son, Brandon Carnoustie.

Records in this period are scattered and difficult to decipher, however it is generally accepted by most historians that Brandon was not a kind man. Morganna bore for him three daughters, Amena, Britta and Kyna. Similarly to her namesake, Morganna had to take her daughters and flee Tremaine to keep them safe from Brandon's cruelty. However, Morganna did not remain in hiding for long and soon she returned to Tremaine to take her rightful place as Duchess.

Her relationship with Brandon continued to be abrasive, however she worked tirelessly to improve the lives for the citizens in Tremaine as best she could. Brandon died shortly after the announcement that Amena would marry her second cousin, Marrec, son of Korneli, son of Murtagh. Again the cause of death is heavily disputed as it is agreed the Brandon was against the marriage as it would lead to the title of Duke continuing within the House of Felandrison instead of Carnoustie. For this reason, many suspect Morganna of killing her husband to prevent him from stealing the title for his own heirs, were he to have any bastard sons.

Morganna died in 518YoE, and from her the title of duke fell to Marrec and Amena. They bore only one child; a boy name Ainmire. At a very young age Ainmire was afflicted with a terrible sickness, the treatment of which led to a permanent disfigurement of his legs. When the boy came of age, the truth of his parentage became apparent; he had not been born from Marrec and Amena, but has been adopted from an unknown lineage and he was in fact Pyrencian. Though most Pyrencian children grow very quickly to adulthood, it is believed the nature of his disfigurement retarded his growth.

Ainmire, at the news of this, left his home in Tremaine and travelled for several years. The true nature of his adventures remain unknown, but when he returned he was a man and he had gathered a following of loyal Pyrencian's whose histories were all without exception mysterious. Ainmire's return to Tremaine in 530YoE was short lived and after only two weeks the family was struck by tragedy again.

A fire broke out in Castle Tremaine's east wing, where all of the family resided. The entire clan had gathered that week to celebrate the birth of Ronan and Neirnan's new son Ferris. There were no known survivors of this blaze and for the last fifty years the city of Tremaine has remained under the control of Brandon Carnoustie, second of his name, who refused to take the full title of Duke instead to take only the title of Viceroy. This action has been questions many times and several theories exist as to why this decision was made, the most popular of these being that one of the Felandrison's did survive and their identity is being kept a secret, but for what purpose no one is certain.

Ainmire Sera-Blodh of House Flenadrison, second of his name, King in the South, Ruler of Carrickshire, and slayer of false Kings.
"The Crippled King"

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