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PostPosted: November 26th, 2015, 2:59 pm 
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House Thanort of Kaine vs House Almandine of Dawnstar

Included below is a summary of the trial, along with some artists impressions of the unfolding scenes.

Accusation from House Almandine

-Gross Negligence of Mobility Laws, resulting in steed's death, caused by actions from House Thanort.

Reason for Holding Trial

-House Thanort of Kaine refusal to accept actions caused death of steed, and refused to provide a replacement steed as compensation.


- Castle Draenic, Kingdom of Pyrencia.

Jurors and attendants present for Trial:

- Minister for Justice, His Highness King Varahein of Pyrencia.
- His Highness, King Arjen III of New Ertia.
- Grand Duke Atryl of House Rua, Fichina.
- Attendant nobles and entourages from all nobles houses.
- Public gallery filled with Castle Draenic residents

Jury's Verdict
- House Thanort has been found Guilty based on the evidence and must supply House Almandine a replacement steed of equal worth to the deceased horse, to be completed within 2 weeks, or face punishment of Jail time.


Samaia stares down House Thanort's representative, Jared, at the questioning bench.


Noblemen King Arjen III and Duke Atryl Rua watch intently as House Thanort's representative Jared gives his questioning to Samaia.


Holding Cell for accused being inspected as Nobles look on.


The Trial wears on into the evening


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PostPosted: November 26th, 2015, 3:03 pm 
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*Jared representative of house Thanort

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