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PostPosted: July 14th, 2016, 8:57 am 
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So due to all of the Indoles Carta and the old world laws being readily available, there is much work to due in terms of reincorporating them into modern law. All of the Indoles Carta and Laws could never properly be discussed if we did them all at once. Nothing would ever get accomplished as people would continually argue different sections and confuse the flow of debate. So I propose we take a few sections a week and smooth them out to fit our current legal system. This will take a while, maybe a couple months, but it will allow us to thoroughly discuss all of the points that need addressing and create dedicated discussion.

Now as a few of our higher members will be attending a bachelor escapade in for the next couple of days, I will wait to post the discussion until the start of next week so the full community is included in the voting and discussion.

The below section will be updated to highlight what current topics are up for discussion and voting.

The Indoles Carta
I. Constitutional Empire
II. Elections & Titles
a. Election of the Emperor
b. Recognition of a new King
c. Recognition of a new Duke
d. Recognition of a new Count
e. Recognition of a newcomer as a non-noble vassal
III. Divisions of Power
a. The Council of the Crowned, Tabling and Ratifying Law
b. Constitutional Amendment
c. The House of Dukes, Tabling and Vetoing Law
d. Laws and rights exclusive to Kings or the Highest Authority in a given land
e. Laws and rights exclusive to legal holder of a particular noble title
IV. Judicial
a. Eligibility for Jury
b. Appointing the Judge and Attorneys
c. Deliberation and Adjudication
V. Contractual Law
VI. Citation
The Indoles Carta of Rights, Freedoms, and Duties
1. Spirit of Hermertia and the Mercurian Empire
2. Fundamental Rights, Freedoms, and Duties
3. Mobility Rights
4. Legal Rights
5. Trial and Punishment
6. Equality Rights, Before and Under Law
7. Communication with Public Officials
8. Enforcement
9. Mercurian Commoners
10. Other rights and freedoms not affected by Carta
11. Multicultural Heritage
12. Citation
Act of Definitions: Noble Titles and Legal Holdings
1. Citizens of the planet of Hermertia are all Mercurian
2. Counts
3. Dukes
4. Kings
5. Regent
6. Emperor
The Act on Kingdom Activity and Status
1. Active Kings
2. Inactive Kings
3. Abdication
4. Redaction
International Rules of War Act
1. Definition of war
2. Aggressive wars
3. Defensive wars
4. Illegal wars
5. Total War
6. Upon death
7. Ending a war
Mercurian International Criminal Code
1. Illegality of Duping
2. Illegality of Vandalism
3. Assault
4. Culpable Homicide
5. The Do Not Be a Dink Amendment: On Contempt for the Community and Empire

Lord Siden Rua of Fichina
House of Rua
Imperial Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers

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PostPosted: July 15th, 2016, 2:41 pm 

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To place a counter point, there isn't really a lot of debate at all actually. No one seems to be disagreeing with much now that we agreed to get rid of emperor powers. We could do it one section at a time as suggested, but I'm not sure it would be any faster.

Once nick posts his suggested emperor laws, I have a suspicion things will move pretty smoothly. Since there is almost no major debate, people should also feel free to post in the existing threads. Again, almost no debate so far so dunno if we need yet another thread.

Also, shouldn't this be in 'proposed legislation'? Or is it here because it is sort of like an announcement thingy?

Either or, this was just a counter proposal. Don't mind me. Either process is super fine.

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PostPosted: July 26th, 2016, 11:26 pm 

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I just wanted to send a thanks, from the Ministry of Imperial Affairs, Greater Minerva, for your work in promoting expedition and celerity.

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