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PostPosted: November 19th, 2017, 4:45 am 
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As has long been discussed: Concordia deserves a mob free zone, as it was without a doubt one of the major reasons and impetuous for the plugin in the first place.

Natural barriers:

Immense inaccessible mountain range
Wide river

Which encompass the entire area.

Additional Reasons:

- First sight on the server for new players. Concordia has to look as good as possible. This feeds in to player retention and great first impressions.

- Artistic Darkness: The Pathways on the cliff are a relatively unique, as well as every single roof top in the city. Moob proofing building roofs is impractical and torch spam ruins the look of everything.

- Large number of visible pathways. Artistic darkness again coming in here. There is no other way that we can prevent mobs from spawning because of the extremely restrictive minecraft mechanics and torch spam is, as far as the core of the server's purpose: world building, diminishes that.

It stands to benefit tremendously from having artistic darkness:
This image below shows how ridiculous the problem is.


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PostPosted: November 19th, 2017, 3:26 pm 
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A couple things here to make sure this is proceeding according to the law:

A. This application needs documented (i.e. posted on the forums) approval by the Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers and a member of the High Council before any voting can proceed. The HCB voting thread should not be posted until that is done.

B. We need to make sure we are following the law on this one. Just a reminder:

The aesthetic quality of the area is seriously impacted by the placing of torches required to prevent mob spawn, to an extent where it renders the area unworkable for construction, aesthetic, lore, or other purposes.

From my (legally irrelevant) perspective, there is not evidence that the aesthetic location is seriously impacted by the use of torches. Yes, there are a lot of torches placed, but it is not getting in the way of the aesthetic in terms of preventing snow from accumulating or there being a clear need for darkness. There should be a specific aesthetic reason for the plugin other than just not wanting to place a bunch of torches. If you can demonstrate a specific area that needs the plugin to maintain an "artistic darkness" aesthetic, then it would be fine. Personally, I don't think Concordia fits that requirement.

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2017, 9:36 pm 
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Considering that Concordia has been a long standing build with considerable development, it is worth a review for becoming a mob free zone.

1. Aesthetic Quality

As it stands, torches cover every square inch of Concordia. The natural features are besmirched by the abundant torch spam. Aesthetic quality can go farther than just the melting of snow.

2. Alternative methods

There is no way that I know of to keep the mountain sides properly mob free without the use of the plugin. As Concordia is completely surrounded by mountains, it would be a massive undertaking to even attempt to mob-proof the land by other means.

3. Loacation

Concordia is completely enclosed by a mountain range with the only opening being to the water passage. As far as natural protection goes, it doesn't get much better than Concordia.

As the Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers, I give my approval on making Concordia a mob free zone.

Lord Siden Rua of Fichina
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