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PostPosted: December 11th, 2016, 10:03 pm 
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Following the ascension of Wychwood to Duchy status it has been decided that the existing 3 counties (Wychwood County, Mirkwood and Rock Ridge) will be grouped collectively under the administration of a single duchy, henceforth known as Albion.

Wychwood also makes a formal claim to the following areas


The taiga biome to the west of our current borders has been identified by local explorers as being a potentially resource rich area to colonise. The current plan is to setup 2/3 towns within this area and establish an army training ground within the largely rugged, hilly terrain. This county will be known as Sucia

The mostly extreme hills area claimed north of Wychwood County and Mirkwood is being claimed partially because there is great demand in the realm for precious stones such as diamond and emerald which appear to be in abundance in this area. The other motivation for expanding our border north is as a response to the frequent attacks by outlaws and marauders from outside and inside our borders. By having an active military presence in more areas to the north, it our hope that we can more successfully deter further attacks from happening

In addition to the above two areas, we make claim to 3 of the nearby islands in the Khabranthian Sea. The highlighted island to the far west will be under the Jurisdiction of Sucia and the 2 islands highlighted to the east will be added to Wychwood County.

Collectively these 2 counties and the Duchy of Albion will make up The Greater Realm of Wychwood.

Thank you for your consideration

Prince Septimus Cersil, Lord of Wychwood
Minister of Surveyors and Civil Engineers
Warden of the North
- Recipient of the Pyrencian Good Effort Award
- 2016 Winner of the 'Medal of S'alright'
- Stronger than an ant
- The Tallest

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PostPosted: December 11th, 2016, 10:15 pm 
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An excellent and expected expansion!

Ealdorman Cerdic Beoden Accynnafon of Östlond
Runner Up of the Glas Claddach Boat Building Competition
Minister of Justice

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PostPosted: December 14th, 2016, 2:33 pm 
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As your Vassals work diligently and you plan further expansion, it should come as no surprise that this will be approved in short order, you've demonstrated your ability to utilise land effectively. This recent claim should provide ample space to grow for many mercannum to come !

Talja-Sameria Tourmaline II - Tip of the Spear
Queen of Dawnstar, Deputy Minister for Hermertian Culture.
Adjudicator for Valyrian Affairs, Forums Administrator

Gold Roads. Fractal Mining. Lore Compliance Ducks.

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