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Cult of the Great Creeper


Renewed fascination among rouge sailors, bandits and criminals alike in the mystical forces that guided them, the Cult of the Great Creeper was an esoteric congregation founded sometime either during the Great Unraveling or shortly after it. The order was incredibly active in southern lands, primarily those near the Grand County of Laghima, until it was defeated by the Stark Family and repelled from civil lands.


While not much is known about the direct structure of the order, it was known that it had a single leader at a given time who acted as a high priest, reportedly hearing from the Great Creeper himself.


The Cult of the Great Creeper was a radical sect based on the teachings and ideas in the well structured religion, Creeperism. It's adherents believed that the killing of Creepers was wrong and that they should live to protect those Creepers. Many cultist believed that "an eternal prophet" would lead them to erecting the reborn, mortal form of the Great Creeper as an Emperor who would lead them to salvation and glory.

Church of the Reformed Creeper
Alternatively called Reformed Creeperism


Following the defeat of mercenaries hired by religious zealots intent on crippling realms in the southern seas, six priests attempted to save the Cult of the Great Creeper by transitioning it to be less radical. They accomplished their goals, creating the Church of the Reformed Creeper. Those six priest were: Niklaus Osrus, Jakob Khan, Arya Babil, Tomas Oso, Eric Rus, and Bran Kars.


The Church of the Reformed Creeper believed the Great Creeper to be a being to omnipotent and divine to live alongside common creatures. The Great Creeper was alleged to hold magnificent rays of power and wisdom which it will use to restore balance to the world if ever necessary. If The Great Creeper does see that it is time to enter the physical plane and walk among common creatures, it would be reborn in a less than prestigious ceremony. By doing so, The Great Creeper keeps it's anonymity and is not bothered by the demands and wishes of his lesser followers. The six priest warned that no person should look for The Great Creeper in person, as they will be smitten down and killed and reborn as an actual Creeper who will be consumed by so much bitterness that they will attempt to destroy the lives of others.

The Church of the Reformed Creeper teaches peaceful principles, religious tolerance, and that a person should remained balanced on the inside, as well as the outside. Most members of the Church pledge moderate pacifism; though some will fight if there is a moral calling, such as defending one's family, or nation.


The Church of the Reformed Creeper is considered an organized religion and thus has certain principles. The Church was founded by six priest but they have since passed due to other things, mostly victims of Endermen attacks and old age. The last remaining priest of the six, Niklaus Osrus, established a titular title known as Grand Priest of The Church, who leads the Church itself. The Grand Priest of The Church is forbidden from holding land, or participating in any political violence. He/she is elected from a list of Cardinals who are chosen by Priest, or leaders of actual Churches.

As of Cycle of the Tides 00|04, YoE 520 A.I., The Grand Priest of The Church is Osman Gül II.

In total, there have been three Grand Priests:
-Niklaus Osrus
-Erik Vala (Elected YoE 486 A.I. at the age 45).
-Osman Gül II (Elected YoE 520 A.I. at the age 52).

Actual churches are prevalent throughout realms that have followers who cling to The Church of the Reformed Creeper. The oldest known Church was a makeshift one sponsored by Arya Babil on the side of Fort Atrius in the County of Arahn, Laghima. Priest Nigel Black managed the physical building after the death of Arya Babil. Followers of The Church of the Reformed Creeper are called Reformist, Reformed Creeperist, or simply Creeperist.

In YoE 505 A.I. a temple was constructed in Glas Claddach, Perth. Osman Gül II was chosen as Cardinal by Priest Xia Kaghan of the new temple.

Old Karsite Paganism


Old Karsite Paganism was practiced by Karsites and their diaspora for many years and eras. The religion was a collection of various religions and belief systems and had no formal founder or singular set of teachings. The religion however lost popularity and lost many of its adherents when suffering and pain proved to rival the word of gods and spirits.


Karsite Paganism is an unorganized religion.

Many of the religions scattered around Karsite Paganism worshiped a single God, who usually was the progenitor to lesser spirits and deities. For instance, Karsite peoples in the Empire itself believed Eraban Rus to be an incarnation of a spirit associated with hatred and punishment for several hundred years.

Hasan 'Darius V' Stark

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PostPosted: May 24th, 2016, 10:58 pm 
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I wonder if this Creeper cult you speak of is actually the worship practiced by the Ostron people of Arnum, in neighboring Casadia and must of the Eastern lands of the Empire:


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