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 Post subject: Östron Mythology
PostPosted: November 7th, 2016, 9:09 am 
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Östron mythology has roots in the ancient religions of humans, elves, and dwarves. There was once a time where all sapient species of the world worshipped a great variety of spirits, gods, and other supernatural entities. For the Östron mythology, nature worship has been maintained to the current day.

A variety of nature spirits are worshipped, and depending on the area, shrines/temples are built to them. The primary spirits among the proto-Östron tribes included the spirits of the creepers, dragons, sea monsters, endermen, mooshrooms, trees, giant mushrooms, grains ( for ale, of course), and pipeweed. It wasn't until late during what the Mercurian Empire calls the Cycle of the Owl that large followings of primarily Creeper worship emerged in the old Östron homelands of the Dwarven realm of Duroth.

During the Cycle of the Owl, contact with Valyrian nobles (made through trade routes, and many Östron Thanes feeling the War of the Chaos Orc) greatly influenced Östron mythology, primarily in the form of encouraging strict Creeper worship. It was at this time that some proto-Östrons were educated in Perth and Valtoros - often credited for why the Creeper symbol is associated with the Östrons.

Worship of other spirits continues to exist within Östron society, in particular among groups further from the largest proto-Östron communities. Mooshrooms, trees, and giant mushrooms were among the favorite spirits worshipped and respected. The emergence of the Order of Sanct Creopbaina, however, threatened the openness of this alternate spirit worship. In the Order's pursuit for power, and their goal of uniting the Östron people, shrines and temples to other spirits were slowly torn down or forgotten.

With the founding of Östlaed in 495, many Östron communities felt that alternate spirit worship, at least in the open, was at an end. However, their fears were unfounded. Despite the ruler of the Östron realm serving as the leader of the Order as well, fundamentalist Creeperism did not take hold. The establishment of the Order of the Groenewarden, a thinly-veiled attempt to establish temples to the other spirits of nature, was allowed and almost entirely ignored by the Order of Sanct Creopbaina. In the Year of the Emperor 527, the leader of Östlaed passed reforms allowing open nature spirit worship of other spirits other than Creepers.


A large variety of nature spirits are worshipped by the Östron people. In particular, their favorite are the Creeper, Dragons, Trees, Mooshrooms, and Giant Mushrooms. Temples and shrines are constructed to their favorite spirit, however, shrines to spirits other than Creepers are few.


Religious practices and beliefs vary greatly between tribes, other than their general unity in the reverence for the spirits of nature. There is no concept of sin other than to commit acts of hate against living things. The consumption of ale, mead, wine, pipeweed, and magic mushrooms during religious ceremonies and festivals is widespread and encouraged.

Creation Myth

There is no specific creation myth with regards to Östron mythology, however, fundamentalist elements of the Order of Sanct Creopbaina, a religious order that encourages strict Creeper worship, maintains that it was done by a great creeper spirit through the destruction of the previous universe.


A relic from ancient times, the sacrifice of a powerful steed is practiced once a Mercannum, The death is accomplished via a great bonfire, where the horse is burned alive.

Death Rites

Following the ancient traditions of the Östron people and their mythology, burial in the forest under a sapling is the most common form. Dark Oak is most sacred, however, any tree is acceptable.


Few remember all of the Östron religious festivals - even many monks, after years of consumption of Östron strong beer, don't remember them all! The most important festivals occur with the start of each season, and involve week long feasts, sacrifices, drinking, and public sexual acts

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 Post subject: Re: Östron Mythology
PostPosted: November 19th, 2016, 6:40 pm 
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The cultures we have accumulated are rich and varied Indeed. An Interesting read up !

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