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PostPosted: November 21st, 2016, 6:20 pm 
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Story of Creation:
Before the dawn of time, there was Azaria (Void). Through great loneliness, Azaria lashed out at itself, creating a great gash within itself, negating itself by creating something from nothing. Left in Azaria's place was the Universe, and nestled within the center of the Universe was Amoruk (The Heart). Amoruk, feeling the remnants of Azaria's loneliness, called out to the closest star(Kor) and drew it closer to itself, bringing companionship and warmth.

As Kor warmed Amoruk, their companionship grew very close. This companionship drew the attention of a nearby, smaller Being (Inanna). However, Kor focused the bulk of his warmth on Amoruk, giving very little heat or light to Inanna. As Kor and Amoruk grew in love, from within Amoruk burst forth Nogaak (The Mountain). Nogaak grew strong under the watchful gaze of her Parents and began to populate the world with the Dwed (Dwarfs).

This pleased Amoruk, as she could feel their life beneath her flesh and reveled in their desire to explore her. Kor desired to have chidlren with Amoruk that he could watch over, so from Amoruk sprang forth the Elger (Elves), the second born of Amoruk. However the creation of the Dwed and the Elger caused great jealousy from Inanna. In her emnity with Amoruk, she lashed out and brought forth death to the children of Amoruk and Kor. When Amoruk and Kor bore their next child, Umri (Human), the curse of Inanna had taken it's toll and the Umri lifespan was greatly reduced.

This angered Amoruk, who in turn set to forever block the warmth of Kor from Inanna, placing herself directly between the two Dieties. Kor, to strengthen his children, being unable to weaken the curse brought on by Inanna, instead increased their ability to breed themselves, allowing the Umri to populate and spread quickly across the surface of Amoruk.

In anger, Inanna brought forth one more curse upon the children of Amoruk, children of her own. As the Umri embraced death, Inanna brought them back as Kavir (the undead).

Dieties and thier Avatars:
Azaria - The Dead God, Creator of the Universe, The End
Amoruk - The Earth, Giver of Strength, Dwarves, Wealth, Craftsmanship, Protection
Kor- The Sun, Giver of Life, Elves, Humans, Power/Magic, Rivers, Vegetation, Combat
Inanna - The Moon, Giver of Death, Undead, dark/twisted magic, Night, Theivery, Shadows

More to come....

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A fascinating read. I wonder what a shrine or temple to these deities would look like.

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