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Septimus Cersil (489 A.I - Present)
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Author:  Septimus [ December 5th, 2016, 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Septimus Cersil (489 A.I - Present)


Full name: Septimus Cersil

Race: Human (Mercurian)

Gender: Male

  • Viscount, Lord of Wychwood,
  • Warden of the North,
  • Formerly Count of Leirhorn, Reinen

Date of Birth: 489 A.I in Leirhorn, Reinen

Realm: Greater Realm of Wychwood

Current Holdings: The Greater Realm of Wychwood

Personality Traits: Intelligent, cunning, short tempered and stubborn

Particular Skills: Has a big interest in horseriding, exploration and international relations

Backstory: Born in 489 A.I at the family home in Leirhorn, Reinen Septimus was given the best education possible by virtue of his father Vegeuros being Mayor of Reyoarfell at the time. Choosing to continue his studies outside of Reinen, he travelled the empire seeking to broaden his knowledge of the world. Upon his return to Reinen he decided to take his faith more seriously, quickly rising to the position of Arch-Deacon in the newly established church of The Brotherhood of The Golem in 512 A.I, leading to conflict with his father. Upon ascending to the rank of Count following Vegeuros' death, Septimus made several enactments to local laws, attempting to fuse church and state politics together. This lead to several revolts locally so it was decided to that he and his supporters would found a new realm with these new ideals in place from the beginning

Close Allies: Ealdorman Mark Günther Accynnafon of Östlaed, Queen Sammyrah Almandine of Dawnstar

Notable Achievements: Founding of Wychwood in 515 A.I

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