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Voting System Restructure Act
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Author:  Sodihv Thalion [ August 9th, 2017, 4:58 am ]
Post subject:  Voting System Restructure Act

Voting System Restructure Act

The "Council of the Crowned" and "House of Dukes" will be replaced by "High Council" and "Low Council" respectively. These new Councils will assume all of the same legal roles, voting powers, responsibilities, and rights as their predecessors.

The new "High Council" will be made up of a minimum of 5 active Duke(s) and or King(s). When the number of active Duke(s) and or King(s) surpasses 11, 50% of active Duke(s) and or King(s) will be eligible to ascend to the "High Council". In the event that there are an odd number of eligible members, the number of positions available on the "High Council" will be rounded down. Kings will be allowed two(2) votes each on their respective council. Dukes will be allowed one(1) vote on their respective council. Any new Dukes will enter the "Low Council" upon ascension.

An election for the "High Council" will take place every three months at the beginning of each quarter year. Every member of Hermertia will be allowed one(1) single vote. The highest scoring participants will be ascended to the "High Council". In the event that the minimum number of "High Council" members are not voted in; the vote will be restarted discluding the members who were already voted for ascension. Each voting period will last one(1) week starting at the beginning of the month every quarter year. Every Duke and or King that does not ascend to the "High Council" will be placed on the "Low Council".

Eligibility for the High Council

1. Must be a Duke or King by the beginning of the election.
2. Must be active at least one week before voting begins.

Language changes in the Indoles Carta and its Acts

1. All instances of "Council of the Crowned" will be changed to "High Council".
2. All instances of "House of Dukes" will be changed to "Low Council".
3. All instances of "Ducal Bill" will be changed to "Lower Council Bill".
4. Any superfluous language regarding the new council system will be changed accordingly.

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