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Samyrrah Almandine, Tip of the Spear - Complete
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Author:  Talja-Sameria II [ June 17th, 2016, 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Samyrrah Almandine, Tip of the Spear - Complete


Samyrrah Almandine

Queen of Dawnstar, Elected Empress of Mercuria, Valka Kalasääski of the Skyfire Guild, Magni Aedifican of the Aedifican's Guild. Adjudicator of Valyrian Affairs and Sister of Valyria.


Early Life - Young Adulthood:

Samyrrah was born into the Almandine family in 440. Her upbringing differed slightly from the typical Talvilainen lifestyle, with status and additional opportunities for training, travelling and renown. She did not squander any of these chances in true pragmatic Talvilainen style, and used each in turn to gain respect from her tribes people, training as every young snow elf does with weapons and survival, haukk wing gliding (a serviceable version not unlike modern dragonwing elytra). at age 40 (year 480) her relative Samirah was chosen to lead the Dawnstar tribes people who were more amiable to outsiders at the time who knew of the Ender threat, and was tasked with keeping the people of her homeland as safe as possible from the escalating threat, earning her the title of Tip of the Spear, a highly respected and hard-earned honourific given to great leaders and fearless warriors of the Talvilainen people.

A New Duchess - A New Queen - A New Emperor:

Having gained a siginificant insight into command and gained the respect of her compatriots and elders following the Ender debacle and the subsequent resolution of that, Samyrrah looked to her ancestors as is customary and traditional in Dawnstar to reflect upon her own life. A not-too-distant relation, Duchess Samaia Almandine, who was a newcomer to these ancestral lands that Samyrrah and the Talvilainen had always called home, had had a vision: a united snow elf culture to be taken seriously and to be a major player in the Imperial Court following smouldering resentment and thinly veiled racism from other races around the Empire. This united vision came from Duchess Samaia and her Perthian upbringing and DorÊryn influences, whereupon seeing the civil and even friendly ways with which the Snow Elves were treated within the Perthian borders and where the Aethen Snow Elves had created their own Realm entirely and were a Duchy in the eyes of the Imperial Court, inspired her to wish this positive fate for all her kind where there was none already.

Founding the Port City of Kaltamerri in the first step to open up the wild and untamed lands of the nascent Duchy to the rest of the world, and founding the Skyfire Guild as a further step to allow Talvilainen culture to be accessible. This was after the Duchy of Loitommalla and the mountain stronghold of Etsia was built by Samaia, a base on the fringes and a hold within the deep hinterlands respectively from which to go about her mission of uniting Dawnstar.

Growing in international presence, by being chosen as the successor to the elder Samaia before her death, Dawnstar had close ties initially with the also recently formed Duchy of Reinen and of course the Kingdom of Perth and Valtoros, from whom the traditional Valyrian values held a large part of Samaia's rationale and morals. With the inclusion of a sea-worthy port, Dawnstar prospered and vassals were formed officially, with additional settlements popping up around the fringes by non-elven vassals, and more within the hinterlands themselves.

Soon after attaining Kingdom status within the Mercurian Empire Samyrrah was elected Empress in the year 534 AI following Emperor Myron's reign, as the 2nd elected Council of the Crowned Member to hold the title. The Regent of Minerva put it succinctly:

The Regent of Minerva wrote:
The merging of cultures, identities, experience, and expression; the friend of every corner of the empire; the architect of impressive projects both domestic and imperial; an adventurer; a scholar. This is of course the purpose of our Empire. Samyrrah Almandine, the Divine.

Fulfilling her Duties - Final Passing:

Samyrrah's later life was spent performing duties as the Queen of Dawnstar, ruling her Kingdom and being an international presence around the Empire, riding her new fleet of vessels on the waves from one of the shining beacons of elvenkind: Port Kaltamerri.

Realms were recognised and officially designated as independent under the Council during Samyrrah's tenure as Empress, as well as more embassies than were ever erected in Samaia's time as a testament to her outreach and involvement, with Dawnstar ships as far as Erikos, Alba Longa and beyond.

As a successor has yet to be picked, Samyrrah Almandine had several aspiring choices and kept notes for her advisors to consider a worthy leader in her stead following her passing in late 590, living an almost unheard of 150 years save for in legends.
She had achieved her goals and could pass on into the afterlife in peace.

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Still waiting...

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will write something today over lunch

Author:  Talja-Sameria II [ September 29th, 2017, 7:02 pm ]
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Took a while but this is the full wiki entry for Samyrrah Almandine. Updated!

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