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NeonSturms' application
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Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 4:54 am ]
Post subject:  NeonSturms' application

Hi All!

I'm hailing you today from the old map - I built the Giant Khaos symbol that you can see here: ... eapplying/

I'm going to post again and please note I will have to post twice due to the word limit. Yes - I managed to break it! :lol:

Here's the TL,DR: Just read it. :lol:

Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 4:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

As you arise to begin work for the day, you are informed by one of your villagers that a letter has arrived from Old Hermetia. You are advised that a copy was immediately made and couriered out to you with great speed.
You stop to read the letter, and notice immediately that the writing style is intense, almost as if parts are missing, if only to spell the entire story out in haste. You begin to read...

To The Dearest Regent and His Loyal Subjects,

I will be frank with my request. I am writing to you today to request Refuge. Sanctuary, Retreat, Asylum, call it as you will.
Today is the 55th day of civil war here in Aletheia, Old Hermertia. By the time this gets to you I am expecting to be either dead or desperately knocking on your borders.
Things are bad here. Ever since the stone was found, we have been surviving Khaos in it's worst form - the physical form.

Please, let me go into more detail. It would not be appropriate to beg of you without good reason. At the least, should I be the last lucid person here, let this be a testament to our story, allow us to be recorded in Hermertian History. Let others learn from us where we have failed.

It all started years ago, when my Grandmother* first met another of our kind. They were friends for so long, knowing they had a connection then, as the only two left of our kind. They didn't know much more than that, but the future held no bounds and they were happy. They went on to build their future, our future, and spent many years raising families and finding supporters for their beliefs.

There were some ... events. As of now, they are historical to our people, or, well, myself. There's no one left now, at least, no one sane from what I can deduct. Nevertheless, as I transcribe here, these events may just have marked the beginning of the end for me.

My Grandmother was raised by an old man who himself came from a burning town. He fled with her and raised her as his own until his death. He taught my grandmother many things; of survival and endurance, grace and nobility, science and academics. Most important of all, he taught her of Khaos, and it's intricacies. He did not know a whole lot of it himself in the end, but he eventually confessed to her that Khaos was the reason for his town being burned. It was the reason that my grandmother strived to learn more in her life, and ultimately, it will probably be my undoing as well as it was hers.

Khaos is a funny thing you see, it draws people in with its' mysterious unboundings, yet repulses you in a single moment with the atrocities that it can fathom. And yet somehow, you just want to know more and more of it, to understand it to the very end. Perhaps curiosity is our ultimate betrayal, truly.
But I am getting ahead of myself, and should continue my lore telling here.

It was long after the old man's death and meeting another of her kind that my grandmother had the First Vision. We call it that now, well, I call it that now, but at the time it was nothing more to her than an accident in the laboratory she was working in. She was creating a new type of potion you see, and something went wrong. She passed out and had that Vision and saw The Future. At the time she did not know it was such, and could only reason that it was a terrible dream, the cause from passing out. Who would wish to believe the terrible scenes she foresaw? Certainly, she did not.

Thus, our people, continued to study and endeavoured to know the powers of Khaos, and all that it held before us. Our town and our people continued to grow and expand in great numbers. And like the never-ending carrot chase for the Donkey, we relentlessly pursued the ultimate goal - finding the secrets of Khaos, and thus the source of all knowledge.

And in the end, wonderfully - yet terribly, we succeeded. Deep in the heart of a hidden Desert Temple, we discovered a Stone of Khaos. We did not know what would come next, but we jubilantly brought it home and displayed it proudly within our temple. It was our pride and joy! My oh my, it was quite a time to be alive there in the Kingdom of Aletheia, indeed. We celebrated for many days and nights, merrily drinking and dancing the times away. Eventually we settled down to studying the stone to learn of its' secrets. And many we did learn! Like the wizards of old, we studied and recorded everything we could. We experimented continually, relentlessly.

~ To be continued ~

Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application


And of course as many stories go, I must now tell of the undoing of our kind. Experimenting on the Stone, we soon learned, was a mistake. One that we have paid for dearly in life and our loves. We are merely shadows of our former selves now. With the experimenting on the stone, we had become our own enemies, desiring of power so absolute, that it corrupted us almost immediately from the inside out.

Our great scientists, brilliant as they were, could not handle the amount of power from the Stone. Those tiny subtle negative thoughts, those occasional bad feelings we all feel from time to time, flared up into something greater. The scientists became agressive, and started to hide secrets and discoveries from one another. Despite all of my Grandmothers' teachings and Prophetic Visions, they turned to greed and envy, pride and wrath. They started to fight amongst themselves and caused extreme unrest among the rest of us.

Of course, what does a Kingdom do when its' esteemed dignitaries are warring so? As i'm sure you can guess, we took sides. We began to question things. We started protesting the laws. We incited each other. We rioted in the streets and started to use our powers against each other. We took books, journals, articles, so many precious writings, and burned them in the streets. And now, now my Dearest Regent, we have succumbed fully to the wills of Khaos. We can no longer withstand the pressures of such great knowledge.

Judgement day is drawing near to this Kingdom. As I write to you, blood lies all throughout the streets. The blood of our fathers, our cousins, our children. The people left in the streets are wandering around with no uncertainity. They rant and rave, they have painted themselves different colors to align with the scientist of their choice, and they kill each other on sight. If it were not for the great walls my grandmother built for us so long ago, surely Old Hermertia itself would be experiencing a doomsday. I utterly believe the only reason I am alive and somewhat sane now is because of my Grandmothers' teachings. I care not to describe her death, it was very traumatic for me. I have always suspected something of the Old Mans' stories, and now I can see the light in this darkness - I understand what happened to our people in his stories. It is not unlike what is happening now. It is truly horrific to behold.

I am sitting on an opportunity. I have a small, tiny, glimmer of light in this thunderous, devastating storm. I am a caretaker, you see. I have a locked side door into the Temple. And tonight, the scientists are out for the rare Blood Moon. Each of them has their own plans, I am sure, but I care not to know what evils they plan to unleash. My own plan is all that matters. Tonight, I will steal into the Temple and remove the Stone. I plan to run, and I will not stop. I am going to work my way towards your borders. When I am far away, I will destroy the Stone.

Look for me upon your borders. I pray to Khaos that you will receive this scribing in a timely fashion. And I pray to Gods unknown, that should I survive this, you will be divinely gracious and allow me the Asylum I seek. I want to be far, far away from this terrible place, and I have nowhere else to turn to. I wish to make my peace and educate people about the powers of Khaos. When used correctly, it is a wonderful, redeeming, magnificent beast. I beg of you, allow me to pass into your lands and offer these teachings to your people.

Even if not, please take heed of my words. Khaos is beautiful, but it is dangerous. Do not let temptation befall your great Kingdoms, as it did ours. Included with my letter I have enclosed one of the last books of the Teachings of Khaos. This book was written by my Grandmother, and was her last detailed writings. It was the last written testament to the wonders of Khaos, before the scientists went too far. I hope it is of benefit to you and your subjects.

Truly Yours,


You notice the book has not yet been copied and sent out to you. You conclude that the Scribes must have it, and it must be Very Long, for the letter itself was terribly long and rambling, and you can barely imagine anyone in your Kingdom copying out such a long document in such a short amount of time. Your thoughts turn to the request in the letter...


*Some may recall her name as 'Tryptomine'.
**So named because of the colorful magic storm that arose outside upon her birth.

Author:  Gimpy V [ June 10th, 2015, 5:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

Welcome back! Glad to see an old member live and kicking. Fantastic story telling, wonderfully composed. Obviously with a history on the server I don't have many questions for you however I do have one at this time. What brought you back to Hermertia?

Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 5:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

Hi Gimpy,
Thanks for the Welcome!

i look back on my days in Hermertia with happiness - I really enjoyed the role playing and creating the interesting designs in building.
After it was announced the map would be reset, I did not have the energy to rebuild. The old builds were still being finished and I preferred to keep working on them. So at the personal query of the Regent himself I let him know I would consider coming back after I took a break.
A new job, house, and other big life changing events later, here I am. :)

Author:  King Arjen V [ June 10th, 2015, 6:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

Greetings NeonSturm!

I am King Arjen III, of the great Kingdom of Ertia. I hope this letter finds you still in good health. At the moment, the crossing between New and Old Hermertia is rather a trick, and I've entrusted my own Hand, Jeromie, to bring it to you. I've done this because, if what you've written is indeed true, the old world must be in bitter peril. With the realm of New Ertia so dangerously close to Aletheia, I feel especially obligated to ensure the safety of both my own people and our brothers living in lands close by. With this being said, I hope Jeromie can be of some assistance to you in your passage to the new world, should he make it to you before it is too late.

I regret to inform you that the new world has not been without its fair share of difficulties in the past years. Our good friend, the Regent, decided to step down from his post and resigned himself from the Council of the Crowned. It is unsure if he will ever be back someday, but all signs point to no. Good King Robert (formerly of Elenya) has also resigned. With two acting members of the Council gone in such a short period of time, our world went through a bit of a transition. Thankfully we appear to be on the cusp of a golden age now, after much hard work.

Our histories are closely tied to one another. I've read various documents, written by my grandfather, describing the realm of Aletheia and the woman who I take to be your grandmother. He wrote of a land filled with innovation and mystique. New redstone inventions seemed to be a daily occurrence in Aletheia in their time! I believe our two grandparents even entered the Empire at similar times, starting their subsequent nations down paths that forever will be inexplicably linked. It is because of this that I would like to be the first to cast my vote for your immediate passage into the new world.

I am anxious to hear whether or not your mission to remove this infernal stone was a success. I await a letter, or perhaps you in person, telling me the rest of your tale.

Godspeed, and may Erts ever be with you,

King Arjen III

Author:  Jolly [ June 10th, 2015, 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

Then it might make you happy that we have a way to travel to the Old World! Welcome back!

Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

To The Esteemed King Arjen III,

Dear King Arjen, with great heralding, I most gratefully accept your vote to allow me into New Hermetia's beautiful lands. I shall anxiously await votes from the other Council Members, here in this small shed I have bunkered down in on the border. From here I can see the strange gate, I am most grateful to Sir Jeromie who has shown me how to use it when the time may come. May this letter return with him most swiftly!

I must confess I am definitely alive, though I have experienced something called 'Soul Burn' which I will detail further to you at an appropriate time. It is as of a shadow being cast over oneself, no doubt this is from my experience destroying the Stone. I will not detail that to you yet, as this letter is timely and not for my long meanderings.

With Respect King Arjen, I am truly surprised to hear that the Regent, and King Roberts, have stepped down from their posts. The news that gets into Aletheia these days is sparse and often stolen by the Scientists for burning, they have been wielding complete tyrannical power for some time now. While I hoped to meet the Regent from my Grandmother's wonderful tales, I understand that such a job must be very heavy on the shoulders for one to bear.

My Grandmother also spoke at times of your Grandfather, and some of the other Kingdoms of old. She advised me at one point that your Kingdom and ours may have had an Alliance. Is this so? Because if that is true, then I know that truly, I can expect one such as yourself to be a trustworthy soul. I hope this can be a mark in history in which we may tentatively start to unravel the mysteries of our elders' appearance at the same time in these lands.

I must also confess of the redstone contraptions of old in Aletheia, created by my Grandmother and improved by our scientists as the years went by. They are now once proud monuments that speak to better times. At least I can say with certainty that my Grandmothers' teachings were excellent, and I can bring this knowledge to New Hermetia unscathed. Why, just before the Finding of the Stone, we were experimenting regularly with new ways to use redstone underwater! Truly technology travels so far.

I am hoping we can come together some time, perhaps over a drink or two, and share some stories of our elders. I wish to hear more of your wonderful lands and people! I have only heard but a smattering of stories so far.

Hoping to join you soon,


Author:  neonfrontier [ June 10th, 2015, 7:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

@Merry yes, I am excited to be able to take a walk through the old buildings! :)

Author:  Caesar [ June 10th, 2015, 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeonSturms' application

Hello NeonSturm/Tryptomine, It'd be great to see the Alethian's return to an active role on the server. However I was just wondering why you changed your account? As a matter of thorough vetting of applicants do you have any extra evidence of your connection to Alethia/Tryptomine apart from images from Tryptomine's imgur and your knowledge of Alethian history/ mention of The Regent's inquiries about the fate of the Alethians.

Other than that, good story/application - I remember the Alethian's in the north of Old Hermertia as some of the best aesthetic builders and Lore writers even to grace this server and would love to see them return.

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