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Rorik's application [Accepted]
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Author:  Gimpy V [ December 22nd, 2017, 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rorik's application

Hey Rorik, I would love to offer you a spot in Kaine, I'm quite excited to get you on the server so I'll make this brief, here is a map of Kaine, it's the purple land mass and islands:


As you can see there is still lots of room for growth within Kaine.
Here are a few builds in Kaine so you can get some idea as to what youre getting into.



I look forward to your response and hope you enjoy your time in Hermertia no matter who you choose as your liege.


Author:  Scrios V [ December 22nd, 2017, 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rorik's application


As promised please accept my more formal offer to you. First let me explain a little about Perth. Perth started out long before the new world was established in lands in the old world. We were mainly a warrior nation fighting to survive against the bone-people (this lore will be re-posted once the library is back up). We now are still considered warriors, however we have built our society on three fundamental values, which are strength, honour and peace. In order to progress in our society you must show that these values are instilled in your every day life. You can do this in many ways but there are two basic options to choose when you start out. The way of the warrior is your first option. The way of the warrior does not follow traditional values of using their strength and skills in battle for personal gain. However, they use their strength and skills in combat as a tool to uphold peace and law within the empire as a whole. On the other hand, those that do not choose to use the notions of strength and peace in combat can still achieve rank within Perthian culture and society by being active in politics. In other words, those that develop a strong character and can build and maintain peace, relationships, and alliances also have an important role within Perthian society. King Samyrrah is a good example of the second option.

That is a little about our society, but what about the physical geography and our established boarders? To start, you may hear the people of Perth, Valtoros or Dawnstar refer to themselves as Valyrian in general. This is due to the fact that Valtoros and Perth have a long standing alliance that stems all the way back to the old world. This now includes Dawnstar as well. Our nations make up what we call The Greater Realm of Valyria. If you are a vassal of either Kingdom you are vassal of Valyria as well. When you become part of the higher elite you gain the title of "Brother" or "Sister" of Valyria which symbolizes the bond between our realms. In these realms we have a wide variety of landscape that range from deserts to lands that are vibrant with vegetation and maybe even snow (Perth contains one of the largest snow biomes). What has been described is in blue box below for the most part:


Our build style is mainly medieval with a hint of Nordic and Gothic architecture. Although, we have many different people within our Kingdoms that bring many different building styles and capabilities.

Refer to the Imgur album for samples of my builds as well as my vassals.

We also have a very well planned and organized nether line system referred to as the "Perthian Grid". These lines are one of the safest and complete systems in the Empire. Refer to for samples.

I would love if you could be part of our Kingdom as I think you would be a good fit within it. We are a very prosperous realm both in the people that are part of it and the riches that we have accumulated over the mercannums.

Author:  Rorik [ December 22nd, 2017, 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rorik's application

Alright, it's time to conclude, I thank you all for your generous invitations and good wills. I have finally decided on my leige. While this may not be my permenant leige, I would like to choose...

Picks up a quill and writes a letter, then folds it and hands it to the a man in Black and Gray


Author:  Talja-Sameria II [ December 22nd, 2017, 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rorik's application

A mighty liege. He is a most excellent choice! He will PM you the IP when he sees this. Ill keep working on contacting the owner to get that bloody whitelist working.

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