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A Grand Adventure Awaits! Post wishes here for server!
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Author:  Athlaeos [ April 8th, 2021, 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Grand Adventure Awaits! Post wishes here for server!

Hey guys, been a while
If you guys are interested, I'm currently making a plugin that kind of introduces a levelup/skillup process similar to McMMO, but more in the style of skyrim where leveling up something makes you better at that skill and you can progress through a skill tree to gain even more perks. Like with Smithing you can make tools and armor with improved durability and stats, and it features custom crafting systems as well like you can make swords on an anvil using heated metal and such. Since this server is heavily RPG-themed, I figured you guys might enjoy it. Could introduce some profession-related roleplay and such, like one person specializing in smithing and another in crafting powerful potions or creating powerful enchantments. Speaking of, since the last time I talked to you guys I've been creating a whole bunch of plugins. If you have any requests to make some custom stuff I could look into making it.

I kind of left the server because I was really hoping to finish my town but then the world reset and I kinda lost motivation, but I shouldn't have left without a word, I'm sorry for that. If you guys are looking for some custom content, I also made a plugin you can use to make custom mobs with integrated difficulty progression and a plugin that adds in about 40 custom enchantments. You can view all my projects to date here
1.17 does look really fun though, so if you guys are willing to have me back could I get an invite back in the discord?

Also, to add onto the prevention of mob spawning without spamming torches, in 1.17 they added light blocks which allow you to very precisely control light levels without them being in the way (they're only visible when holding a light block item and I think you can place other blocks inside of them as well). It's very easy to make a custom crafting recipe to make them obtainable in survival mode, as well as allowing survival mode players to break the item as they're currently indestructible.

Edit: Here's what I got so far
You can create recipes, level up smithing, get perks/rewards for leveling up and reaching certain milestones, improve weapons to increase their attack damage and speed or armor's protective stats, improve bows to increase the arrow velocity(and so also damage) of arrows shot from them, talk to villagers and have them tell you how to tinker with or craft items, etc. Right now it's just smithing, but I'll be making like 10+ more skills to get better at. I just wanna get smithing right first.

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